ALE-AM approves discount 25% energy for low-income families

Projeto que reduz salário do governador e secretários também foi aprovado.
07/10/2015 08h33 - Updated 8/10/2015 15h32
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The state House approved, on Tuesday (6), Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (hazard) 32 Bills, including the Executive authorship project that will reduce by 25% o valor das contas de energia de famílias de baixa renda, com consumo de até 220 KWh ao mês, por conta da isenção da cobrança de ICMS. Um dos projetos que trata da Segunda Reforma Administrativa do Estado e prevê a fusão e transferência de competência de secretarias foi retirado de pauta a pedido do líder do governo na Casa, Mr David Almeida (PSD).

Almeida informou que pediu a retirada do projeto por solicitação do Chefe da Casa Civil, Raul Zaidan, that said, without going into details, the project will undergo adjustments in writing. The proposal provides for the merger of the Olympic Village Foundation to the Secretary of State for Youth and Leisure (Sejel) and the Rights of Persons of the State Secretariat with Disabilities (Seped) the Department of Social Services. The project also transforms the Secretary of State for Indigenous Peoples (Seind) the State Indian Foundation (FEI).

The date of the new vote on the proposal will depend on the completion of these adjustments, according to the chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), that will be made by means of an amending amendment that will be sent to the House in the coming days.

Executive bills

Total, tens of 11 Executive bills which dealt in Aleam were voted. The project will reduce energy bills for low-income families provide for exemption from the Tax on Goods and Services (ICMS) of electricity, that is currently 25%. According to Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, the change will benefit 243 thousand families of Manaus. The proposal was approved unanimously.

MEPs also approved the Draft Law No. 302/2015 which reduces to 10% the salaries of the Governor Jose Melo (PROS), the deputy governor Henrique Oliveira (SDD), secretaries and other positions of trust of the State. With the change, the governor's salary will increase from R $ 17,1 thousand to R $ 15,39 one thousand. During the project discussion, the deputy of the governing coalition, Sheba Kings (PR) said the court apparently, it seems, but in the whole of the Government economy measures, make a difference.

The project increases 1% the rate of tax on the Goods and Services (ICMS), from 2016, It was also approved by the majority of Members. The rapporteur of the project, Mr Belarmino Lins (PMDB), He argued that raising taxes "is a measure that no ruler wants to adopt, but being necessary for that State to fulfill its commitments ". The Augusto Ferraz deputies (THE), Jose Ricardo (PT), Luiz Castro (NETWORK) and Alessandra Campelo (PCdoB) They voted against the proposal.

The bill authorizing the state to carry out the compensation payment writ - debts arising from judicial decisions - with tax debts - tax funds due to the State -, and another that creates the Reserve Fund for legal and administrative Values ​​Return, It was also approved by a majority vote on the floor of Aleam.

Members also approved the two projects that allow the state to provide incentives for the production and transport of limestone in the Amazon. One authorizes the State to obtain credit from $ 70 millions (seventy million dollars) by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) which will be intended to provide funding for key rural productions State, agriculture and non-timber, that may be granted to farmers, individual entrepreneurs, micro and small entrepreneurs, second project data.

Also they have been approved:

- Project No. 294/2015 which provides that the productivity of Sefaz servers are updated every 12 months and no more monthly, as it was happening;

- The Project of Complementary Law 11/2015 that transfers 16 offices of the State Superintendent of Housing (Suhab) for the Secretary of State of Metropolitan Development (SRMM);

- Project No. 295/2015 amending hair less 11 provisions of Law which regulates the State Policy of Tax Incentives and Extrafiscal State, and changes input rates and product output in the state;

- The Project of Complementary Law 12/20115 which increases from one to five years the validity of operating licenses to health facilities, in cases considered low-risk activities, and for two years in high-risk activities. as, second message the government seeks less bureaucratic administrative procedures for the operation of care facilities and health interest.

Other projects

They were also approved a complementary bill authored by State Prosecutor's Office, establishing criteria for the appointment of new prosecutors to fill vacancies within, and still 19 Bills authored by state legislators.

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