American Horror Story: when Dante's Inferno circles rise Earth

The Divine Comedy is one of the most important works for the universal literature.
17/10/2015 14h44 - Updated 17/10/2015 14h44
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Considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, poem ever written on the west side of the world and a literary relic to Italian culture, The divine Comedy, of Dante Alighieri, It is one of the most important works for the universal literature. Divided into three parts, Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, the verses, arranged in corners, narrate the epic journey of the author / character through these three instances of the spirit world, but it is the first chapter of this journey that enjoys greater popularity.

Published in the fourteenth century by the Florentine author, Hell focuses on Dante's anguish at seeing his beloved Beatrice dying. Lost in own pain, Dante wanders the base of a hill, where hungry animals try to eat him, but the poet Virgil, whom the character always admired, comes to give you a hand and a message: Beatriz, servant of Paradise, calls to her side, because his despair had touched heaven itself, but to reach the final destination, should elapse before the balls Hell.

Taken under Virgil protection, Dante accepts the trip and enters the Earth cavities, in whose infernal depths witnesses the punishment that divine justice gives each sin: to those bland life, Maus is not non-bons, it is the desperation of drowning forever on the river Acheron, those who took their own lives thicken with the Forest of Suicides, violent lie burning on the river Flegeton, whose current is boiling blood, and those who have betrayed relatives or denied God, We reserve the Cocito, the ice lake, in which Lucifer, also half-frozen body, devours with its three mouths Judas, Cassius and Brutus, notorious traitors, and so on.

The geography Hell described by Dante, for me, a truly interesting thing: the torment are organized in a circular maze, descending always, nine rounds intended to receive the sinner eternally, five of which form the Upper Hell, and others make up the Lower Hell. The eighth hell still divided into ten ditches and the ninth in four balls, in which the latter is filled by Cocito. for Dante, Hell is a place of layers, cores covering each other and inevitably flow into the dark road of damnation in which the tormented spirits also become punishment of demons, a labyrinth without light or pity whose purpose is none other than the mouth of the devil.

Having that in mind, follow American Horror Story, a aclamada série do canal FX dirigida por Ryan Murphy, It is, say the least, a moment Captain America "Got reference!”. Watching the premiere episode of season, named Hotel (2015), last week, observed with hard eyes almost solely by the fact of including the performer Lady Gaga in its cast, came to mind that, after his last two seasons suffering with a cold reception from audiences and critics, producers have returned to the original premise that guided the first two seasons, considered the most successful. And I venture to say that much of Dante's Inferno on this premise.

The debut season, Murder House (2011), He told the story of the family Harmon: the father, Ben (Dylan McDermott), psychiatrist and unfaithful husband, the mother, Vivien (Connie Britton), and daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga), a young introvert who suffers from the conflict between parents. In order to restructure your family, Ben takes her to live in a new home, classic style and with a very low price. In a series of horror in the name, Needless to say it's a bad decision, because the house has a long history of violent murders in its facilities, and the spirits of the victims (and murderers) end forced to wander forever between a wall and the other, always repeating the drama and the tragedy that followed them in life.

Harmon pass, like this, also to suffer more intensely their own ruin, pursued by numerous vindictive and mournful ghosts suffered in the house, including Tate (Evan Peters), a young mass murderer serving as the main perpetrator of the family Harmon, challenging the judgment of Ben, raping Vivien and Violet seducing and taking her to suicide. Following Harmon and sometimes causing them to get lost in the dark of the house, We have a neighbor Constance (lived the glorious Jessica Lange, almost Fernanda Montenegro FX), the mother still alive Tate who want to take home for themselves at all costs.

Em Murder House, we see about a trip like that made by Dante: each room in the house can be understood as a circle or infernal pit, each with a different memory barbarity, each with spirits who committed suffering lack in life and intended to punish other souls for the same reason. Harmon, as Dante, and they are tormented by the residents of this hell, Doom are witnesses to the spirits that want them badly, or souls that only lament the fate to which they were subjected, all of them, living and dead, trapped in a labyrinthine house, inescapável, whose flow of evil and horror always comes down and accumulates in the basement, the lower part, root of all evil, where the first killers still reside at the Tate, the demonic young man, combining the horrors of violence, sex and manipulation, devours the judgment of the three Harmon.

Virgil would be represented, albeit inverted, em Constance, leading them through hell, but not the guiding light for, because you want to take them all, or in Moira (Frances Conroy), the spirit of the fact that employee wants the best for Harmon, dodging the evil of Constance and spiteful ghosts to help family.

Following a similar structure, we have the successor season, Asylum (2012), that talks about the horrors that patients of Briarcliff sanitarium suffering in the institution. Menos coerente que Murder House, Asylum suffers from a significant lack of narrative cohesion, but the infernal horrors are still there: journalist Lana Winters (Sara Paulson), Lesbian to be institutionalized, It is witness to the atrocities committed against each intern in Briarcliff, and to the languishing patient nor so insane. Each cell functions as one of the indoor season rooms, and each resident corresponds to a murdered spirit or killer Murder House. The basement, where sinister experiments are carried out with patients of Briarcliff, hosts the machinations Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe), a lovely and innocent nun who has just possessed by a demon, that in partnership with Arthur Arden doctors (James Cromwell), a Nazi unscrupulous, E. Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto), a serial killer, They serve as the triple demon Luciferian of Asylum.

But he is accompanying his sister Jude (Jessica Lange) we see the best and most Dantesque of Asylum. The nun with an iron hand begins as the Briarcliff manager, herself responsible for every torment inflicted against patients and using religion to justify, as a punishing demon in the service of divine justice, like so many we see in verses d 'The Divine Comedy, but when it becomes a prisoner of Mary Eunice is when we see a spiritual development in the series, and a much larger than any narrative Murder House: Jude is devoid of all his authority, subjugated to inhuman system that she herself advocated, e, treated as mad, loses his sanity, and demon becomes banshee, suffered, overcome, and Dante at the beginning of his poem, but, unlike him, Jude became a prisoner in hell which was responsible, fitting the Kit Walker (Evan Peters), another patient she helped bring to the madhouse, guide her, literally, outside the underground circles of Briarcliff in which was kept as a pet.

The current season, Hotel, back to develop the area of ​​his narrative in a maze, or hotel Cortez, and the first episode transpired is that the Dantesque structure will be requested this year again. Demons have been seen in the room 64, and a certain Countess addicted to fashion and drinking blood governs the place, but the question remains whether we have a good narrative depth this season, as the family relationship of Harmon or spiritual regeneration Jude, more essential in the comparisons with Dante drama than geographical issues, since the debut focused more on aesthetics than in telling a story that touches us. have to wait, since the season address addictions and punishment, two very consistent theme with Hell paths.

However, is the fact that the universal classic written by Dante remains in vogue, and see it translated into pop culture through a series such as American Horror Story is proof of the power that the classics have to assume new forms, new clothes and reconfigure itself as a narrative. This is the power of evolution that stories like Comedy hold, what, more than relics in a cultural museum, They end up becoming an inspirational force, able to influence subsequent generations demand as consumption needs of a society. If this is done competently or not, It turns out to be a topic for another text, and do not guarantee that my, but that such an important work remains alive and active so vigorously, yes it is noteworthy.

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