Humaita MP Battalion holds dual women for drug trafficking

The women reported to the police that the drug would come from Porto Velho.
29/10/2015 13h32 - Updated 29/10/2015 13h32
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military police of the 4th Battalion Military Police (BPM) Humaita, distant 676 km from Manaus, They detained a couple of women on the night of Wednesday (28), for drug trafficking in the city.

According to the police garrison crowded in the city, under the command of Cape PM G. Relvas and team of the PM's Soldiers Paulo Umbelino and Anderson Gomes during patrolling around 23h10 yesterday, to spot a taxi stopped in front of a hotel situated in one of the city's main roads, Street Julio Oliveira, in the central area, presenting attitude suspicion, made approach.

Inside the vehicle were two women and the taxi driver. During the personal journal with an identified them as Mariane Almeida Ferreira, 20, were found 2,532 kg drug, of which, 1,988 kg were substances aspect of marijuana and 544 grams of cocaine stone features. With the other suspected, identified by Benedicta Trinity Moraes, 31, were found 1,326 kg similar to marijuana.

Also according to the police officers who attended the event, women detainees reported that the drug was brought from Porto Velho, capital of Rondonia and that was supposed to be distributed in locations adjacent to Humaita and areas of Rio Madeira via terrestrial.

Considering the flagrant, witnessed by undisclosed identity taxi driver who only have served as a witness for non-participation in crime, the pair received under arrest and then were conducted and presented to Humaita county police station to the provisions of the judicial authority.

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