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Customers are won by the elegance and refinement of environments.
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The origin of the Bistro is still mysterious, this expression appeared around 1815, But there are different versions about the context in which it was built. One of the most famous is that when the Russian military arrived in the French capital and frequented the Parisian cafes used to scream “Bistro! Bistro!” (Bystro que tem sentido de “Quick” for Russians).

Whatever the real version of the stories told, they are characterized as small establishments, comfortable and where customers can consume alcoholic drinks or not, cafes and modest and tasty dishes.

However, no Brasil, the bistros have a different name and eventually became a refined and sophisticated place.

A bistro known in Manaus is the Maison Gomes Chef Ramiro Hitotuzi. Along with his wife and in the center of Manaus, away from any food niche, he created a small, rustic, with surround sound, differentiated lighting causing us to feel light and comfortable. It is a very cozy place and showing his musical roots. Ramiro initially followed her like musico, but it soon became, as he himself says, cook, because the food was already in his family. Formerly used to serve meals to companies and hospitals in the central region of Manaus, currently it has become one of the best known and highly regarded City Chiefs.

To overcome the barrier of lack of good quality food and price, it uses a rotating menu, in which every week changes the dishes, but always keeping 2 tickets, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. So the chef can always maintain the quality of their dishes. An Alternative he is beginning to implement is the Field Project the table, which encourages his uncle to make chilli crops, eggplants, courgettes, herbs so that it gets a better quality product and price.

All this care shows in each of his dishes presented. On a visit to the Maison I could have the opportunity to try some of their specialties like Carpaccio, o Magret Cannard(Duck) and or Cracks Tarte.

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The entrance is for the Carpaccio, it puts in its midst a green salad with chestnut chunks of Brazil and dried tomatoes that make all the difference. Already Magret Cannard(Duck), main dish, It is served with caramelized garlic sauce, a fried rustic hit the duck fat and seasoned green salad with olive oil and crushed salt, unique giving a refreshing taste. E to end, Crepe Apple Pie! Presenting with a beautiful assembly. typically French dishes and extraordinary flavors.

Ah, this week week show a typical French dish.


IMG_4566 (Copy)

• 200 g of bacon;

• 1 kg thighs cut into large cubes (can be muscle or topside also);

• 2 peeled and sliced ​​carrots;

• 1 bottle of dry red wine;

• rosemary and thyme Ramos;

• 1 bay leaf;

• 1 stalk of leek;

• 1 celery stalk;

• ½ Pack of Green Smell;

• 2 chopped garlic cloves;

• 2 Medium onions

• 12 shallots - peeled small onions;

• 200 g of Paris mushrooms frescos, finely sliced;

• 1 tablet broth;

• ½ cup water tea;

• 40 g butter;

• 30g of wheat flour;

• Sugar, will, pepper and oil to taste;

Method of preparation:

1) In a large bowl to make a marinade: add all the vegetables, 1 medium onion cut in half, 2 chopped carrots, leek, celery, garlic seasoning and ½ diluted broth and cover everything with red wine. Let marinate in the refrigerator to rest from one day to the other;

2) Place a large pot to heat over high heat. Separate the meat from the marinade and squeeze it well to drain all your juice (You can use a wide screen) and book all the juice;

3) Fry the sliced ​​bacons, after frying save them.

4) This pot with dirty background bacon frying, saute garlic and onion (you can use the onion marinade) on the pan, Place the meat to cook, sprinkle the flour and cook for 5 minutes.

5) Remove meat from pan and set aside;

6) In the same pan the meat add the mushrooms and give them a cooked light, add the marinade (throw away the condiments and use only the onion and carrot), and ½ diluted broth, put the meat and cover, cook on low heat for 2 and a half hours or until the meat is tender;

7) In a small saucepan heat the butter. Peel the shallots and place them in the pan to brown. When they are golden, add water and a little sugar, wait until the water evaporates and the sugar caramelize, until tender. Then book them;

8) when complete 2 cooking time add onions (echalotes) caramelized and cook for 15 minutes;

9) Turn off the heat and add ½ parsley pack and serve.

Tip Low

You will use all the herbs and spices in the marinade and leave a overnight, around 12 hours in the refrigerator. Then buy some more bay leaf, celery, leeks and other condiments you want to use on baking time. Put them in the cooking start and they will bring more flavor to the dish, remember to remove them after cooking. To remove them more easily, you can tie them with string and so withdraw at the end of the process. During cooking remember to stir the meat a few times so do not stick to the pan and much lower net volume, you can add a little more wine.
They can be made minis sautéed potatoes (braised) butter to serve with the Boeuf Bourguignon.

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