Menu of Step a regional Palace has unusual ingredients and mixtures

Next weekend takes place the second edition of the project.
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typical dishes, desserts and culinary experiments make up the diversity of flavors that will shake the historic city center next weekend, during the second edition of Step project Palace. Or event, which is part of the anniversary celebrations of 346 years of Manaus, It happens again in the vicinity of the Palace of Freedom, not a Saturday, 17, and not Sunday, 18, from 16h to 22h. The project is carried out by the Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult).

For this edition, 39 local chefs were selected, by notice, to participate in the gastronomic fair, one of the main attractions of Step Palace. among barracks, food trucks e food bikes, options will not be lacking for those who want to try a new dish, or even new versions of well-known flavors. All dishes, savory and sweet, They will be sold at popular prices, between R $ 5 and R $ 18.

Compounding the diversity of the menu, chefs in some unusual mixtures bet, as is the case of Adriana Mannarino, the Patisserie La Quichetarte. "I tried to use fully Amazonian ingredients, to highlight the cuisine here. This is our opportunity to show the richness of the local cuisine ", said the chef. One of the dishes of your tent will be the Verrine Earth, dessert involving mousse layers of acai and roasted and caramelized bananas with other ingredients, as handmade Italian meringue and peanut butter granola with Brazil nuts. Sweet will be sold at R $ 10.

Another dish that will seek to give a new face to the public known ingredients is the Riverside (R$ 18), I do restaurante Sushi Kai. It is an adaptation of the famous pirarucu in tails in sushi cuts, accompanied by the necessary flour Uarini, wet in coconut milk and brown. In the tent Borogodó Homemade, the novelty is the tucupi risotto dumplings (R$ 10), while Fish Maria replaces the chicken for duck on his drumstick (R$ 8). Completing the gallery of different combinations, Touch Gourmet brings the Amazon Lobster (R$ 18), dish consisting of filet Bodo sliced ​​carambola and caramelized farofinha of avių, micro shrimp species found only in the rivers of the Amazon.

traditional Menu
There will also be room for more familiar dishes on the menu event, as cupuaçu cream with chocolate Banzeiro restaurant (R$ 6), shredded pirarucu of the Amazon Gourmet (R$ 18), the tacacá of Tacacaria Parintins (R$ 13), shrimp farofa Tacacaria the Amazon Gourmet (R$ 15) and arapaima to coat the Zefinha Bistro (R$ 15). In addition to the known Mexican palettes Gusta + priced between R $ 8 and R $ 12.

Even for those who likes a good burger, os food trucks WTF Burguer Chef, summer, Urban and BoraLá bring again the event sandwiches that made the success in the first edition, like sandwich Oxtail (R$ 15), the Kids Burger (R$ 12) and Termite Burger (R$ 15). Already candy lovers can enjoy the delights of tents as Mrs. Brownie E Co., Homemade cake, If I like Paletas Mexicanas, My Churros Gourmet, Miss Sweetness, among others. Other culinary options also will be on site, Eastern flavor as restaurants like Shin Suzuran, Sushi Kai e Soho Lounge e os drinks da Cocktail Bike.

For the owner of one of the participating restaurants, Tacacaria the Amazon Gourmet, John Paul, the gastronomic diversity must ensure once again a successful event. "It's a good initiative, it shows that the moment of looking at the food as culture. Gastronomy is not just the act of you to feed: it also says a lot of the people, Of region, of what happens in that place ", highlighted.

Atrações culturais
Além da feira gastronômica, muito jazz, blues, samba e rock também agitarão o Passo a Paço, com shows de artistas como Júnior Rodrigues, Official 80, Soda Billy, BM Beatles Cover, 00:00 e Márcia Novo. O ilusionismo também marca presença, com apresentação do mágico Willian, e, representando o teatro, o evento contará com apresentações do espetáculo “O Dragão de Macaparana” e da peça “Silêncio Total”, do ator global Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos.

A primeira edição do Passo a Paço ocorreu em maio de 2015, e atraiu mais de 32 mil pessoas ao Centro Histórico de Manaus.

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