With free preparation, UEA must reach 80 thousand candidates to the vestibular

UEA launched program that seeks to help high school students.
05/10/2015 14h20 - Updated 5/10/2015 14h20
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The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) launched on Monday, 5 of October, Pre-Freshman program with the aim of helping high school students prepare for the Vestibular exam and your ticket Series System (SIS) carried out by the institution. With the preparatory course, is expected to reach about 80 thousand applicants with the classes in video displayed on TV, Internet and through the Media Center of the State Department of Education (Seduc).

With the Pre-Freshman, the high school students of private and public education have access, through the internet and TV Culture, the daily classes of Portuguese Language, Literature and Mathematics. Classes will be taught by professors from tenured teachers at UEA. According to the rector Cleinaldo Costa, the program is a way of democratizing the preparation to join the institution and a new channel to facilitate dialogue with the student community.

"This is an important moment. Along with the proposal of the Pre-Freshman we are establishing a new channel for dialogue with youth, about everything, to know the profile of the students who will participate in the activities. Students can access the content, interact with us through digital media and attend live classes on television. Besides that, Transmission by Seduc directed to the interior of the students ", said the president of UEA.

By offering 4.605 places for the capital and interior 2016, the UAS conducts tests of vestibular and SIS, evidence that serial high school students do every year, in November. The tests will take place on the SIS 13 November and the college entrance examination in the days 14 e 15 from November.

In this first phase, the Pre-Freshman of the classes will be transmitted until the day 12 from November, eve of the implementation of evidence. According to the University, preparatory classes return in February 2016, remaining until the eve of the selection exams next year institution. For 2016, the goal is to offer classes in other disciplines.

For the Secretary of State for Education, Rossiele Soares da Silva, the preparation will help students to provide other vestibular and the National High School Exam (one). This year, Seduc launched the application Learn More, that brings together all the educational content offered online, and plans to expand the use of technological tools with the release of simulated vestibular tests by cell.

"It's an option for the student, a more direct form of communication. Simulated and preparation are important because they come in a different format, that is, It is interesting for the student to train the understanding of issues and WhatsApp is a tool used by younger and that will bring a greater link with students ", forward.

Classes Pre-Freshman have 30 minutes long and will be transmitted by the UEA Youtube channel (Pre-freshman UEA) e, from Monday to Friday, at 8 am and 18h, TV Culture, canal 2 TV and in the open 13 on the Internet, in addition to broadcasts by the Media Center. On Saturdays, there will be a aulão with the summary of all the broadcasted material in week. "We focus a lot on interaction and, through our new portal at UEA, there will be a space for pre-freshman ask questions and interact ", Costa stressed Cleinaldo.

The project is developed in partnership with the State Department of Education (Seduc), which accounts for about 49 thousand students enrolled in high school in the state school system. The classes are being recorded in the Seduc Media Center and will also be transmitted to the three thousand rural communities served by the Center. these communities, the Pre-Freshman of the classes will be transmitted half an hour before the start of each shift of regular classes.

As the dean Cleinaldo Costa, the project is among the government actions aimed at promoting higher education. "The Pre-Freshman favors new media and audiovisual resources. Everything is thought to facilitate learning and allow it to take effect either in front of the TV, is a smartphone, at any time of day ", highlighted.

The project differential, by one of the coordinators and teacher of Portuguese in the Amazon, john Baptist, It is that the student will have access to classes in all state municipalities through the internet. The content, following the guidelines of Seduc for exams selection of UEA, It is being recorded to support the course of Technology in Audiovisual Production UEA.

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