Conpej offers expertise in judicial expertise

courses available are the "Legal Expert" and "Expert on Labor Calculations".
02/10/2015 14h37 - Updated 2/10/2015 14h37
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The National Council of Legal Experts (Conpej) will be held in Manaus in the days 17 e 18 of October (saturday and sunday) the courses "Legal Expert" and "Expert on Labor Calculations".

The Conpej is considered by a major national reference in the formation of new legal experts in Brazil. Last month, the entity formed over 60 experts in Manaus with the completion of two courses.

"With this specialization, professionals from different areas are able to be triggered by the justice to act in the most different types of processes in legal process. It is a way to ensure income more, since the state has few professionals in this segment ", said the regional delegate of Conpej, Hermann Saunders Fernandes.

According to him, Amazon has just over 200 registered experts to meet all legal sticks, which directly influences the delay of the progress of proceedings.

Registrations follow open and can be made by site or directly on the regional council headquarters, which is street Herman Lima, number 5, Park set Aruana, in Compensates.

Classes are held from 9 am to 18h by Paulo experts Salvo (judicial expertise) and Hélcio Gonçalves Correa (skill labor calculations in Excel module), at the headquarters of IPOG, located on the second floor of the Manaus Plaza Shopping, in Djalma Batista.

The courses are any professionals who want to act in this area. The Conpej offer graduates participating certificate of completion of the course sanctioned by the body.

currently, the Conpej has about two thousand members in Brazil, and it is sought by professionals with higher education, from doctors, engineers, general legal, counters, architects, Realtors, among others. Due to the success, this monitoring provides unique opportunities to those who work, since there are processes interrupted by the lack of experts.

More information can be obtained via phone 3087-8152, 98144-0532 e 99249-8648.

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