Mr defends rehiring of over 300 endemics agents dismissed by State

The officers were dismissed in May this year. Parliament says that layoffs were unfair.
05/10/2015 15h06 - Updated 16/10/2015 16h58
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It was held on the morning of Monday (5) Public hearing to discuss the situation of more than 300 endemics agents of Health Surveillance Foundation of the State (FVS-AM) who were exonerated by the State Government in May this year, by decision of the State Court of Auditors (TCE). Also entered in question the claims of endemic diseases of agents who are active in, in search of better working conditions and employee benefits, as food assistance and transportation, wage increase. Or discussion, authored by Mr José Ricardo Wendling (PT), It happened in the Health Commission of the Amazon Legislative Assembly (hazard), chaired by Deputy Ricardo Nicolau (PSD), in the auditorium John Bosco.

The officers were exonerated after TBI determine the shutdown state of those who occupy temporary positions, under penalty of fine. however, these professionals were hired by Selection Processes, and Amendment No. 51/2006, then Federal Law No. 11.350/2006 and State Law No. 3.128/2007, guarantee the permanence in office.

José Ricardo, we must seek the best legal resources to reverse this situation and replace the FVS agents who were dismissed unfairly by the State. This year, the Union of Federal Public Servants Amazonas State (Sindsep) and Mr José Ricardo, in defense of the agents, They filed a Review Appeal to the TEC. "We will ask the ECA agility that trial. I consider this unfair dismissal of people who were there 10, 20, 30 years working in health prevention. It is important that the Assembly does not abandon this cause. This people save lives and need to work. Being unemployed is impaired family income, the families of livelihood ", he said, emphasizing that this exoneration, of course, It had an impact on the health of the Amazonian population. currently, the FVS has more than 1,3 thousand endemic agents, of which almost many work in the capital remaining inside.

"Still this week, the Healthcare Commission will officiate the State Court of Auditors to, as far as possible, be streamlined analysis and judgment in the application of the Federal Public Servants' Union asking for review of the acts that led to the dismissals. In this case, it is not an administrative matter. We face a complex legal issue that needs to be resolved ", He added Mr Ricardo Nicolau.

Representative of endemics agents, Joel Gomes, He said that the decision of the TEC was held in 2011 and questioned the State promised to solve this issue. "The government did not defend us against the TEC. We were dismissed because they did not justify the legality of our process, They did not deliver documents. And that's when the Court made the decision. Today, we're here, asking to review our situation. Because this decision was arbitrary and forged by the State ".

legitimate claim
The public defender Rodrigo Cavalcante explained that it is causing strangeness that exonerating 300 people, when the ECA Process, No 4960/2006, He spoke only of exoneration 19 people hired illegally by the State (Ordinance on 2042/2003), for a short period of six months. "The claim of the agents is legitimate, because they could be maintained by legal standards, giving them the right to stay in office, since approved in any public selection process before the validity of the Federal Law No. 11.350/2006. But, if the authorities do not have this reading and the ECA not judge this favorable Review Feature, we will join with public civil action to secure their rights ", clarified.

The president of FVS, Bernardino Albuquerque, He said the Foundation has given the agents the opportunity to be hired, through public competition held in 2008 for 1,3 thousand jobs. "But many have not gone and others have even paid the contest, since argued that should be effected without taking the exam. If you have a court decision, I have nothing against the incorporation of these professionals ".

According to Aldevan Brazão Elias, representing the endemic diseases of agents active, He reminded the National Day of Health Workers and Combating Endemic Diseases, celebrated yesterday (4/10), but he said there is much to celebrate, before many labor breaches. "Today We seek our rights. Our wage increase was in May and is late. We are entitled to food assistance and transportation and bonuses for some positions. But our food assistance is delayed for two months, the vouchers are only for those who earn up to R $ 800 and pay rise. We are paying for work. We want to be recognized by the government and we demand only what is in the law ".

About this subject, President of FVS replied that the floor of the rule is not only based on base salary, but also counting all the benefits; the vouchers is a Government decision, as the rule about salary; and that food assistance is delayed, but is now trying to solve this impasse. But Jose Ricardo said it will charge the fulfillment of these rights the Government.

Besides the endemic agents, attended the Public Hearing representatives of Amazonas State Public Defender (ECD-AM), Municipal secretaries (Sems) and State Health (Sesame), Sindsep, FVS, among others.

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