Twelve municipalities of Amazonas come in Emergencies because of fires

Authorities signed decree on Tuesday (13).
13/10/2015 13h15 - Updated 13/10/2015 13h15
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The integrated actions to combat urban fires in Manaus won a reinforcement, on Tuesday, 13, with the Emergency Situation decree signed by the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo; by the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto; and eleven other chief executives of the municipalities that have shown high rate of fire outbreaks or forest fires. The ceremony was held in the State Government of headquarters, which is the avenue Brazil, West zone of the capital.

According to the mayor Arthur Neto, measure will give more flexibility in purchasing and procedures to be adopted in combating and preventing hotspots. "This action was timely, as the capital, alone, little you can do to minimize the damaging effects of fires, since the main fires come from the neighboring municipalities ", highlighted.

Also according to the mayor, the municipality has already worked with a Fire Brigade and, in conjunction with the Fire Department, implemented a base of the Incident Command System (SCI), also integrated by state and federal agencies. The Municipal Education (semed) and the Environment (Semmas) They have also conducted educational and prevention work with play activities, music and theater, warning of the risks and care in this severe drought period.

"It is our request to the population collaborate and do not burn trash or leaves. Our cleaning agents are now allowed to collect the bags of dried leaves. Now every citizen must also do their part ", concluded Arthur Neto.

The forecast of the Amazon Protection System (pouring) It is that the next three months are still drought. Even with the onset of the rainy season, studies show that El Niño will still be very strong in the Region. should it rain, but remaining below expectations.

The Emergency Situation decree is based on the technical report prepared by the Secretariat of State for the Environment (Schema), the Amazon Fire Brigade and Civil Defense of the State, negative considering the effects of El Nino, which has caused a significant reduction of precipitation in the Amazon, beyond human interference that further aggravates the damaging effects of drought.

Among the prevention strategies are the creation of the Integrated Environmental Monitoring Center, formed by Sema, Environmental battalion, Firefighters, Civil Defense and municipal governments, as well as the implementation of the Control Situation Room and Environmental Monitoring, both working at Sema headquarters.

"Practically, we will work on two fronts. One involving the education structures, doing educational work with children and the community in general. On the other hand, the so-called brigade, which are the trinadas people to voluntarily help the Fire Department and Civil Defense, They may act more quickly in fires ", said Governor José Melo.

Also according to Melo, the Health Departments of all municipalities included in the decree are also strengthening their actions in meeting the problems caused by the dry climate and the excessive smoke, especially respiratory diseases.

Data from the National Institute for Space Research (inpe) show that the incidence of fires in the Amazon increased by about 80% in relation to the year 2014, Amazonas growth was 89%. "By mid-September the hot spots were concentrated in the southern state municipalities. From the second half of the same month this focus shifted to the metropolitan region of Manaus and 15 municipalities mapped, eight are included in the Emergency Situation decree ", Disse Antonio Costs, Secretary of Sema.

Besides Manaus, the decree will also include the municipalities of Autazes, Caapiranga, Careiro, Lowland Careiro, Iranduba, Itacoatiara, Manacapuru, Manaquiri, Novo Airão, Presidente Figueiredo and Rio Preto da Eva.

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