Executive violates spending limit scheduled advertising in LOAs, Bibiano says

The complaint was made during the plenary session on Wednesday (21).
21/10/2015 14h31 - Updated 21/10/2015 14h31
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The red light is on for the Manaus City Hall, according to Professor Alderman Bibiano (PT). He said that in the last three years, Executive exceeded the targets established communication with the Budgetary Laws Annual. The amount disbursed for ad spending, no period, reached R $ 183,668 millions. The amount is 43,16% higher than expected in the LOA's 2013, 2014 e 2015, which was R $ 128,292 millions. The complaint was made during the plenary session on Wednesday (21) Mayor of Manaus.

In the first year in office, according to him, the city already exceeded 62,97% spending on communication. A LOA 2013 provided funds in the amount of R $ 28,187 million in communications and the value executed was R $ 45,936 millions. Next year, the city almost doubled the amount allocated in the annual budget law for publicity regarding 2013, establishing investment of R $ 42,293 millions. Even having increased the value, the 'binge' communication was even greater and the expense reached R $ 73,457 millions, variation 73,69% compared with the established LOA.

Even not having ended the year 2015, Manaus City Hall has already exceeded the target set in the LOA to the area, which was R $ 57,812, having spent R $ 64,275 million from January 1 this year until the last day of October six. For the Budget Law 2016, which will be voted on at City Hall Manaus, the forecast is $ 65,857 millions. "This spending spree comes amid the official speech that the city is cutting spending. That happened, but in priority areas such as education and health ", said Councilman. "How is the transparency of public administration?”, asked Bibiano.

In his speech, Councilman criticized the practice of adopting supplementary credits, reallocating resources to priority folders including youth, woman and human rights for new offices, as occurred with the Municipal Extraordinary (Semex), whose interest is strategic.

"Any action of the government, in any instance, It must have the common good as a fundamental principle and purpose service to the public interest ", said Bibiano. According to him, while hundreds of children roam the streets of the city at the mercy of all kinds of violence, sexual exploitation, drugs, the administration withdraws resources from the competent department in this matter and raises spending on institutional advertising.

Alderman filed a representation with the State Court of Auditors (TCE), requesting establishment of an accounting nature audit, financial and budget resources in the implementation of the Municipal Communication (Without with), for the years of 2013, 2014 e 2015.

no document, Bibiano questions including whether the city respected the legal dictates the opening of additional credits for communication expenses; if there was occurrence assembly, direction and simulation bidding processes with the resources of the Municipal Communication; and still, be justified to Manaus Prefecture allocate the budget 2016 or value of R $ 65,857 million for communication expenses, as important portfolios like health and education had declines in investments.

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