Government will hire R $ 268,2 million from the IDB to boost family farm

The feature will boost the main productive chains of State.
12/10/2015 10h32 - Updated 13/10/2015 11h28
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The Government of the Amazon is hiring from the Interamerican Development Bank (BID) a financial contribution of US $ 70 millions (about R $ 268,2 millions) for a family farming. Last day not authorized 6 (Tuesday) October by the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (OF-AM) and published in the edition of the Official State Gazette (DOE) Thursday, day 8, the credit operation will boost the main production chains through the Multisectoral Credit Program for the State of Amazonas Development (profit).

The operation by the IDB is being made via the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam), which accounts for Prodesus, developed in partnership with the Department of Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation (Seplancti). According to the CEO of AFEAM, Evandor Geber Son, most of the resources, near 70%, It should be financed via the People's Bank program.

"The Prodesus focuses primarily on family farms, small and medium farmers, extractive, associations, cooperatives, agro-industries and commercial enterprises, which is also the target group of the People's Bank ", said the manager of the financial institution. Still he said, the appeal will finance the entire production chain - from cultivation, through the storage, processing and logistics, to commercialization, with strong appeal for processing of products.

Among the beneficiaries are cultures, açaí, eraser, Chestnut, cocoa, citrus, fibers, guarana, pineapple, banana, beach bean, vegetables, papaya, passion fruit, dairy farming, fish farming and fishing craft to, uma das principais atividades incentivadas hoje pelo Governo do Amazonas.

Segundo Evandor, o programa segue uma determinação do governador José Melo de buscar uma alternativa macroeconômica para o Estado, com a interiorização da economia, agregando valor à agricultura e ao extrativismo. “O Sistema Sepror (State Rural Production Secretary) está organizando as cadeias produtivas, a Afeam entra com o crédito orientado aos empresários. Estamos montado uma equipe para cuidar especificamente desse projeto, que deve obedecer toda a legislação pertinente à sustentabilidade”, he explained.

Still he said, nesse processo, será dada uma atenção especial principalmente à agroindústria e à comercialização. “O objetivo é agregar valor ao produtor, that is, stop selling commodities to sell the manufactured product ", complements. One example cited is the "Bucket Full Program", the Sepror, which has been producing milk for local industry.

The CEO of AFEAM claims that the appeal will give a major boost in the economy in and the People's Bank Program. R $ 268,2 loan are more than three times the total resources that are allocated to the People's Bank this year (R$ 85 millions). "It was great news to know that the loan was approved. It's a cheap money, which is coming to the State, which today is one of the few Federation with ability to borrow ", said Evandor.

About People's Bank
Launched in 30 March, the People's Bank is one of the main programs of the management of Governor Jose Melo and consists of a micro-credit line that stimulates entrepreneurship by adopting one of the lowest market interest rates, 3% per year, for operations that vary, no minimum, R$ 500 e, no maximum, R$ 15 one thousand. The main objective is to contribute to the consolidation of new businesses and to improve the quality of life of self-employed, individual microentrepreneurs, liberal professionals, farmers, with oriented and productive microcredit.

The program provides loans and expert guidance and, this year, It has resources of R $ 85 million for funding. Since it was launched were held 12.140 financing transactions with a volume of R $ 56,5 million financed with the generation / maintenance 36.420 economic occupations.

Next steps
The Coordinator of the Committee for Cooperation and Amazonas Government of Institutional Relations (CCRIA) in Brasilia, Nafice BACRAs Valoz, also stressed the importance of the adoption of the bill by the ALE-AM. according to her, the next steps are the negotiation of the terms of the contract with the IDB and the Federal Government, represented by the National Treasury, for subsequent submission to the Senate, last to give the guarantee on loans of this nature.

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