Registration for the Ajuricaba Mascarenhas Cup Jiu-Jitsu begin on Monday (5)

Registrations close on Saturday (10).
05/10/2015 08h58 - Updated 5/10/2015 08h58
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Registration for the 1st Cup Ajuricaba Mascarenhas BJJ begin on Monday, 5 of October, and go until Saturday, 10, In Manaus. According to the Federation of Jiu-Jitsu Amazon (FJJAM), the fighters will have two pricing options in the registration act: R$ 40 and R $ 60 (with customized shirt of the event). For or Absolute, registration is free.

The address athletes and academies confirm the inscriptions is the street A16, number 1256, apartment 6, ground floor, Neighborhood Japiim 2, South Zone of Manaus. The phone numbers are: (92) 981333984 or 994812538. The federation works from 18h to 21h.

The 1st Cup Ajuricaba Mascarenhas BJJ takes place on 17 e 18 of October, Arena Amadeu Teixeira. The competition organized by FJJAM honors the late master Ajuricaba, who died on 24 May this year, victim of a heart attack.

According to one of the organizers, Elvys Damasceno, competition enters the official calendar of FJJAM account and points to the state ranking that defines the best of the year. Break, The event recognizes the Ajuricaba contribution to the development of local sport.

"The Ajuricaba Cup was unanimously approved by the board of the federation. It is a form of tribute to our eternal director of arbitration and black belt Roberval Caldas Mascarenhas, best known in the world of Fight Like Ajuricaba ", he emphasized Elvys.

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