José Melo forwards the ALE-AM bill that reduces the salary itself

Salaries of vice-governor and secretaries of state will also be reduced.
05/10/2015 19h56 - Updated 5/10/2015 20h00
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The governor José Melo sent to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF-AM), in this Monday, 5 of October, No government message 78, which reduces to 10% the remuneration of senior positions of occupants of the State Executive Branch. The measure is part of the adjustments of the administrative machinery to reduce spending and includes the governor's salary, the deputy governor, Henrique Oliveira, and Secretaries of State.

According to the bill, They will be reduced 10%, still, salaries of occupants of extraordinary secretary positions, executive Secretary, President of autarchy and foundation, Deputy Executive Secretary and authority director and founding. The fixed bill in R $ 15.415,92 the value of the governor's salary, R $ 13.874,17 the deputy governor and R $ 13.500 the Secretaries of State.
“It was one of the things that hurt me a lot. The secretaries are from the first government of Eduardo (Braga) no increase. Even so, because of the crisis, We made a cut in my salary, no do Henrique (Oliveira), the secretaries, deputies and the organs of directors of indirect administration. Rather than just cutting the wages of those who earn much less, although I know that the secretaries are for more than nine years without adjustment. The problem is not the economy, It is the symbolism. So I can wave at my pequeninho I'm merging departments, making adjustments in government and keeping intact my salary. We are doing all to ensure the wages and earnings of public servants, essential services and care of our little brothers of Beiradão”, said Jose Melo.

The bill complements a series of measures that the Government of Amazonas has adopted to reduce public spending and to face the impacts of the Brazilian economic crisis in state finances. Also ongoing in the ALE-AM, government message 072/2015, with measures that represent the second stage of the administrative reform planned by Governor José Melo. In this second step, the goal is to save about R $ 500 million in public spending.

The new measures include retrenchment of government structures and commissioned positions, such as the transfer to the State Department of Social Services (Seas) Person of the Secretariat functions with Disabilities (Seped), absorption by the Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel) the powers of the Olympic Village Foundation (FVO), and the creation of the State Indian Foundation (FEI), with legal autonomy, administrative and financial.

The first stage of administrative reform was initiated in March, When offices were merged, Folder extinction, reducing the number of commissioned positions and a large schedule of spending review in contracts with service providers and suppliers. The package of measures this first phase resulted in savings of around R $ 700 millions, contributing to the state faced the effects of the Brazilian economic crisis without damaging the services provided to the population.

"All this sacrifice is intended to face the turbulence of the Brazilian economic crisis, without essential services suffer interruption and without that we have to take the civil servants earning levels that have to date. My whole struggle has been in this line ", said Governor Jose Melo.

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