Judge Sergio Moro accepts new complaint against Odebrecht

The new complaint was lodged last Friday by the MPF.
19/10/2015 13h54 - Updated 19/10/2015 15h23

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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the actions of Lava jet in Paraná, He accepted on Monday a complaint against executives from Odebrecht Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht, Marcio Faria da Silva, Rogerio Araujo and Cesar Rocha by the bribery crime. They are stuck since 19 of June, when the Federal Police broke out the 14th phase of Operation Lava Jato. The complaint was lodged on Friday by federal prosecutors. Also the former directors of Petrobras Paulo Roberto Costa were reported, Pedro Barusco and Renato Duque by passive corruption.

Prosecutors asked, still, the maintenance of arrests of executives and Renato Duque. By accepting the complaint, the judge ordered new custody Marcelo Odebrecht, Márcio Faria da Silva, Rogerio Santos de Araújo and Duke. “In a context of crime developed in the usual way, professional and sophisticated, must recognize the presence of a risk to public order, and remand, unfortunately, necessary to stop the cycle delitivo”, says I live in its order.

According to Live, Odebrecht has the resources to intervene in various ways in the crop trials, is pressing witnesses or by political interference. “In particular, in the case of Odebrecht, no record of specific interference in the test sample for people subordinate to it or connected”, rating.

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According to the MP, the crimes were committed in eight contracts involving earthworks projects in the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj) and refinery Abreu Lima (RNEST), in Pernambuco, Condensate beyond Processing Unit Natural Gas (UPCGN II e III), the Cabiunas Terminal (Tecab), Torch and Gas Pipeline Cabiunas and P-59 and P-60 platforms, in Bahia. The prosecution claims that the amount of active bribery in the scheme reaches 137 million reais. “There is, Summary of cognition, significant documentary evidence of the materiality of crimes, it is not possible to say that the complaint is sustained only in the declaration of employees criminals”, Moro says.

“In addition to the testimony of employees criminals, including two leaders of Petrobras confessed about receiving undue advantage of Odebrecht, and specific citation of the accused Márcio Faria, Rogerio Araujo and Cesar Rocha as responsible, there is documentation of accounts for off-shore overseas portraying a financial flow that goes from Odebrecht to accounts controlled by Petrobras leaders”, assesses the judge. “In what concerns Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht, besides his group leading position, seized messages indicate their active participation in the oil and gas and reveal its action, inside the company, to protect Marcio Faria and Rogério Araújo, the most exposed employees by executives, which is indicative of complicity”, continues magistrate.

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