Jurados do ‘The Voice’ 'desviram’ candidate for chair

30/10/2015 12h08 - Updated 30/10/2015 12h08
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In the fifth and final night of auditions blind of The Voice Brazil, Globo, jurors felt “offended” with the first candidate, Matthew, who called reality show “talent show”. To avoid any comparison with attractions such as the Program Raul Gil, SBT, Carlinhos Brown and Claudia Leitte soon countered competitor. “No, no, this is not a talent show”, said the Bahian singer, completed by blonde, that said: “Now you have offended us”. So, both, accompanied by Michel Teló and Lulu Santos, “desviraram” the chairs and stood with his back to a bewildered Matteus, that I had interpreted fond, song known in the voice of Daniel, ex-jurado do reality. After the game, the four musicians, meek, actually, were again facing the boy 24 years, who chose Telo to be your coach.

The backcountry, by the way, continues to dig its place among the jurors — and also among the candidates. After Brícia Hellen have presented with Nobody's Perfect, Jessie J, Telo said the same flattering words he had spoken to other competitors, as “his voice is beautiful too” e “It reached all the notes well”. Before he could finish the sentence, Claudia interrupted, as did two episodes ago. “Blah blah blah, everyone knows that, Michel.” The provocation of the singer, However, It backfired, because Bricia, even with the crowd shouting the name of Claudia, We chose Telo as coach. The night was not even the singer. Rafael Dias, Oh sang reggae Rain, Charlie composition Luis, she said: “I want you, what you want to be”. Before she could finish speaking, Days almost sent a “sit there, Claudia”, and he spoke in the can: “Lulu Santos”, Technical chosen by him.

The Voice Brazil had another candidate passing by Globe. The architect and singer Carol Laudissi, which was Fulgás, Marina Lima and Antônio Cícero, He participated in the last episode of Secret Truths novel, in which she was the voice of a band that was presented during a party plot. Carol, However, did not see, the chairs they turned to her. In the next two episodes, days 5 e 11 from November, the reality musical show will be on stage battles, when the own team competitors will face and the decision of who goes and who stays will be taken by the respective technical. Check out how is the end of every team training.

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