The North tribute to Edgar Allan Poe

10/10/2015 14h24 - Updated 10/10/2015 15h17
Illustration: Victor Octaviano

There is 170 years, a man was tormented by grief. In the darkness of his empty house, grief was all he had left, and I had no more tears to shed for their beloved deceased. Praying to heaven for hope and comfort, whatever the night brings is a raven, that before their leniency applications, only answer: "never". The confrontation between the man and the ruthless crow is the most famous work that Edgar Allan Poe, one death of poet, produced in life.

If you have not heard of Edgar Alla Poe, it was he who populated his nightmares with Gothic cathedrals, cemeteries claims, one-eyed cats, dead people bothering her killers and crows gracing landscapes macabre. The verses of The Raven (The crow) They conquered time and remain so melancholy and gloomy as the gray morning in January 1845 They were published in which. The poem became a powerful reference in pop culture, and established itself as a classic thriller.

The rhymes that tell the misfortune of man haunted by crow became more known in Brazil due to translations by Fernando Pessoa and Machado de Assis, two of our biggest names in the literary scene, who decided to pay tribute to this man who wrote no stories or verses, but suffering records.
In 2015, it was the turn of São Paulo Publisher Empyrean continue this tradition and hold its own tribute to Mr.. Poe, and I think we could not have done more inspired way. Filipe Laredo editor organized a selection of over 60 artists to produce Crow: collaborative book, a meeting of literary productions and illustrations based on the eponymous poem, counting with names like André Vianco and Lupe Vasconcelos among employees. Besides that, production is a feature-length paths based on Anthology, but not only those things that make this project a bit more special.

A really considerable number of the country's Northern writers will also compose the cast of authors who will pay tribute to the master of suspense. One of them is the Amazon Mario Bentes, author of The Earth where path and seal editor Lendari, which emphasizes the importance of honoring a poem like The Raven: "Poe is the author of one of the greatest classics of world literature, although not all readers, for one reason or another, They have not had access to his work. The importance of honor is precisely this: to lead to new generations the poem Writer heritage Crow. We have a very short cultural memory, which emphasizes and commends the pastiche - often no more than a set of silent reinterpretations of classics ".

On the influence of Poe in his creative process, Ross S.F., majoring in Portuguese Language and Literature UFAM and poet, He says that it "is no longer considered just a writer, a poet, but a Great Father of so many that there are a shelter, a friend. their narratives, although short, They have an extension that each reading pleasure on terror to the mystery gets a new look, more putrid, strange and eerily exquisite. Poe cause that those, that as I, are left have for their spirit, or the spirits that are evoked in each narrative. However, We think that there is a narrative, em particular, which holds the largest number of possessions, a famous poem, The crow, and at this Raven, many are started in their careers by grandiose gloom. It is this complete crow 170 years!! I feel 170 times more pleased to participate in this caw that does not tire of invading minds, and confess, invaded me in a way I can not explain. Poe's raven, Crow called Poe, crocita and is among us ".

Rafael Rodrigues, also a student of the Federal Amazonas and member of Animeniac X Mao illustrators group, You will have one of his works published in the anthology, as well as the writer Para Roberta Spindler, author of The Veil Over Torre who attended the 4th Odyssey Fantastic Literature in Porto Alegre earlier this year. North of the Rio Grande, Alexandre Benício, independent author, also donated the Publisher Initiative Empyrean, because, according to him, "Pay tribute to Poe always be a fascinating activity, he deserves recognition for its unusual and immortal work, and renews itself as an undeniable inspiration for all of the horror genre and fantastic. Just so, the project is born special, and see your work published with recognized and valued names, It brings us to guarantee quality work, and it is on the other hand, know that your recognition, puts you on the right track of raw and exciting road to be a writer ".

While letters student and writer, It is indeed a great joy to know that my region is participating with more expressiveness of projects such as the Publisher of the initiative Empyrean, which produced the book entirely through collective financing. The authors, more than integrating the work, They took part in its realization, They contributed to their success, and left open the door for new talent, that arise all the time in every corner of the country.

Mais que uma divulgação, esse texto é um agradecimento a todos que tornaram esse projeto possível, pois é sim um feito de extrema importância não apenas para o mercado editorial brasileiro, mas para aquelas crianças que fantasiam e rabiscam, plantando sonhos em folhas de papel e esperando que um dia brotem. Aos nortenhos que acenderam velas para o célebre Edgar, minha mais sincera admiração.

O lançamento de O Corvo: um livro colaborativo está programado para ocorrer em São Paulo ainda nesse trimestre, mas já está em pré-venda no site da Editora Empíreo:

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