Eleven of the ICMS tax mafia negotiated at least 143 imóveis

The properties are valued at 62 million reais.
20/10/2015 10h59 - Updated 21/10/2015 16h01
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Eleven fiscal suspected members of the mafia Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) São Paulo bought or sold in their names at least 143 imóveis, the paper S Sheet. Paul Tuesday, assessed in 62 million reais, in updated values. According to the newspaper, at least half of negotiations took place in the last 15 years. The servers are accused of demanding payment of entrepreneurs to reduce tax collection and bar fines for tax evasion.

According to the newspaper, houses in upscale neighborhoods of the city of São Paulo, apartments facing the beach in Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro, and farms in the region of the country Midwest part of the properties list. The monthly salary of the tax is around 20.000 each real.

Last week, Justice of São Paulo enacted the kidnapping of two goods such ICMS tax. According to the investigations of the Public Ministry of the State, José Roberto Fernandes and Eduardo Takeo Komaki are owners 39 imóveis, between land, commercial offices and luxury apartments. investigations, made in conjunction with Combat Group promoters of Organized Crime (GAECO) Sorocaba and Public Patrimony of São Paulo, Fernandes has pointed out that 27 imóveis, while Komaki has twelve.

According to prosecutors, they set up companies to manage assets and put some real estate in their name to attempt to circumvent any supervision over the alleged embezzlement. According to prosecutors, the accused acquired totally incompatible heritage with the public employee salary, thanks to scheme.

The 105 the other properties on behalf of tax were raised by Folha, in registry offices in different regions of Brazil.

altogether, twelve tax were reported last August by demanding money and conspiracy. They are accused of charging 35 million reais in bribes from at least two companies. One of them, Prysmian Energy Cables and Systems and Brazil, He admitted having paid 16 million reais to subsidiaries of Sorocaba, Jacarei and Santo André between 2006 e 2013. The servers were active in the Greater São Paulo, Santos, Sorocaba and Paraiba Valley and currently or are retired or have been removed from their duties. Some were even arrested, but they were released after paying a bail 350.000 real.

Source: Veja.com

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