At least 215 thousand families in the Amazon have bills 25% cheaper

Almost 1 million people are expected to benefit by reducing.
20/10/2015 17h43 - Updated 20/10/2015 17h45
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Already in force as established by the Government of Amazonas exempting the collection of the Tax on Goods and Services (ICMS) consumers benefited by the Social Tariff Electricity. altogether, near 215 thousand families, equivalent to almost 1 million people, They should benefit from the reduction in account value of electricity. With the exemption of ICMS, represents 25% of the bill, a consumer who paid R $ 100 in power tariff, for example, will have the value reduced to R $ 75.

The social tariff reaches consumers classified in the Federal Law No. 10.438, from 26 April 2002 e nº 12.212, from 20 January 2010, considered in low income residence class whose power consumption is less than 220 kWh / month. According to the calculations of the State Finance (Sefaz), no Amazonas near 215 thousand consumer units in this range are.

As with the benefit it was published in the Official State Gazette (DOE) in early October. For the Government of Amazonas, the measure considers the situation of low-income families suffering from the effects of excessive heat and glare on your energy bill, coupled with the economic crisis affecting most homes. The taxes to consumption impacts more dramatically, according to Sefaz, the budgets of low-income families.

Also according to the Department of Finance, as, which took effect from its publication in the Official State Gazette, is self applicable, that is, the consumer does not need to apply for the discount. The concessionaire of energy services should already shoot next Account.

Water Rate - This month, the Government of Amazonas also reduced the IMCS calculation based on the electric power outlet for the Manaus Environmental, in order to avoid increasing the water tariff. under Decree 36.307, published in 9 October in the Official State Gazette, for the reduction of ICMS, the concessionaire must not increased the price of water and sewage rate up 31 December 2015.

The social rate also reaches users of water and sewage system in Manaus. As part of the Water Program contract to Manaus (Proama), since last year, force in the new State Social Water Rate Bolsa Família beneficiaries who consume zero 15 cubic meters / month of water and now have 50% discount on the bill.

The new tariff was established on the 5th Addendum to the concession agreement of the Public Service Water Supply and Sanitation signed between the Government of Amazonas, the Manaus City Hall and Manaus Environmental dealership, through Proama. With this measure, the benefit of the Social Rate, before it fell on the first track of consumption, from zero to ten cubic meters per month, It was extended to the zero to fifteen cubic meters / month, with discount 50%.

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