PM asks to have sex with lover daughters as “Proof of love”

A teenager reported the conversation on WhatsApp.
01/10/2015 15h00 - Updated 2/10/2015 16h51

A teen 14 years released, through whatsapp, a conversation between his mother and her lover - a military officer - that the man asks to have sex with the girl and her sister, a child only four years old, as 'proof of love'.

The girl caught the chat in the mother cell and, fear of being raped, recorded a printscreen (image below) and passed the file to a third unidentified person. Then, the conversation quickly viralizou on the Internet. The PM's name and the woman involved in the case were not disclosed to the investigation is not impaired.

I do not dialogue, the cop tries to convince the mother to dope her two daughters (4 e 14 years) to have sex with minors. It also undertakes to take the necessary medicine to the sleeping girls and said that the Mother Award in the act would be a proof that she really loves. The man also had confessed to having sex with her and her daughters to it is a "dream" and "obsession" he nurtures a while.

"Tonight you have the chance to give me the world of love test, which is his own daughter ", says the message. "She is virgin, that she has to choose who will lose virginity, not me", He argues the woman. "If you let, He gave to all and she did not wake up. No one would ever know, just you and me. Performs this dream of mine, I was going to finish off this obsession ", rebate PM.

According to information from paraibanos portals Mail and Daily Hinterland, military police investigated live in Ceará, but part of the 14th Battalion, in Sousa, the state of the backlands of Paraiba and operates in Paraiba corporation from 2009.

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