UBS delivers Hall in the Silver Village neighborhood, next Monday, 5.

UBS is 33rd delivered in the administration of Arthur Neto.
02/10/2015 13h54 - Updated 2/10/2015 13h54
Photo: Manaus Prefecture

The Manaus Prefecture delivery Monday, 5, 11am, a UBS Vila da Prata, totally reformed and ready to meet 100% the population of the Silver Village neighborhood and part of the St. George neighborhood (alley Cork) the Family Health Strategy, totaling 12.725 residents.

This is the 33th work in health care delivered to the administration of Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto. The Health Unit is composed of three teams, The BFHU of-24, O-27 and O-44.

The unit will have three general practitioners, three nurses, three dental surgeons, nine nursing assistants, six administrative assistants, three oral health technicians, two technicians and clinical pathology 20 Community Health Agents.

Among the services offered are Medical Clinic, Dental Treatment, Nursing Consultation, Immunization, Band Aid, Inhalation, Dispensing Medicines, Men's Health, Hypertension and Diabetes Program, Health of the Elderly, Women's Health, Prenatal care, Cervical Cancer Prevention of the uterus and breast, Reproductive planning, Child and adolescent health, Tuberculosis Control, Leprosy Control, Prophylaxis of Rabies, Bolsa Família Program, Tobacco Control and Drug Administration. UBS will also have a gas collecting biological material and make the marking of examinations and consultations with specialties (via Sisreg) and Expedition National Health Card - CNS / SUS.

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