sports project aims to disseminate tennis practice

The activity is still with open enrollment.
19/10/2015 15h06 - Updated 19/10/2015 15h07
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They began on Monday, 19, classes Tennis design in the Community, which has the support of Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen). Held in the indoor court of the Olympic Minivila Crowned, in the east, the activity is still with open enrollment and is geared for children 7 a 15 years who are enrolled in the school year.

with approximately 15 children currently, the project designed by Professor Ricardo Fix, 45, We began with ball pass activities and domain racket, delighting the kids. According to the secretary Sildomar Abtibol, the Semjel, the project idea is to bring the community a sport that was hitherto linked only to people of high economic level.

"Our idea of ​​bringing the project here for the Olympic Minivila Crowned is to popularize a sport that is known as rich sports. An elite sport with access to the community is that we seek. Besides that, Tennis is a sport entered the Olympics, as Manaus, which is an Olympic city ", said Abtibol.

With asthma problem, Anthony Andrade, 13, always is present in sports activities provided by Semjel. According to him, Now tennis will be one of the activities carried out by it in the complex. "I practice sports to avoid fatigue caused by asthma. When tire stop for a while and come back to play. Tennis liked and I intend to continue participating ", said the student of the 6th year of elementary school.

Professor design, Ricardo Secure the activity is the realization of a dream. "I've been working on this project since 2000 in the neighborhood of Chapada and be taking it now to another place of Manaus is a great satisfaction. We want to take the children off the streets. Always remember to my students that through sport met several states of Brazil and several countries. And that each of them can achieve, just discipline and commitment ", he stressed.

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