Gang is arrested with drugs and weapons in the district Redemption

A teenager 17 years was seized with the pack.
07/10/2015 16h25 - Updated 7/10/2015 16h25
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police officers working in the 6th Sectional Midwest, under the command of the holder delegate police unit, Alessandro Albino, arrested on Tuesday afternoon, day 6, por volta the 16h, a gang involved in drug trafficking in the city. The incident occurred in a distributor of drinks located on Nativity Street, district Redemption, Midwest area of ​​the capital.

According to the delegate Alessandro Albino, the establishment served as a cover for illegal practice. During the police action were arrested in place the owner of the distributor, Pedro Chimenes de Oliveira Junior, 27, who led the pack; Johnny Ribeiro de Oliveira, 32; Diego Araújo Riker, 27; Edimar Carvalho de Souza Junior, 34; and Flavio Ribeiro dos Santos, 24. A teenager 17 years was seized with the pack.

As the police authority, the group was being investigated twenty days ago, after receiving anonymous reports, informing the marketing of drugs in the district Redemption. In this ocasion, the property where the gang operated was passed. "We started the investigations in order to confirm the accuracy of the reported data and identify possible involved. At the address we found that it functioned as drug selling point ", said Alessandro Albino.

At the time of the arrests the police officers seized in establishing a kilo of cocaine base, 500 grams of marijuana type skunk, a precision balance, three caliber handguns 38, one gauge shotgun 16, three radio communicators, a shock unit and R $ 3. 843,00 in kind.

During a press conference on the morning of Wednesday, day 7, Integrated in the 10th District Police (DIP), the delegate Alessandro Albino said the gang supplied large quantities of drugs in the region. "Noting that it was a little" smoke mouth ". You could say that was broken up the largest point of sale of illicit substances in the district Redemption. Thereby, we will provide more tranquility to the residents of the Midwest zone ", he argued.

The delegate stressed, still, that public participation is very important for the investigative work that is done by the civil police servers in the State. "Complaints greatly contribute in the research process. It is fundamental to our policing public support. Another drug point was closed ", He stressed.

The five men were charged for drug trafficking, Association for trafficking and illegal possession of a restricted firearm. Pedro, Johnny, Diego, Edimar and Flavio will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa. The teenager will be driven to the police station specialized in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai), where appropriate procedures will be performed.

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