Vice governor highlights experience the new commanding general of the Military Police

He also highlighted the security in government investment.
09/10/2015 09h59 - Updated 9/10/2015 09h59
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In military solemnity of General Commander of charge transmission of the Amazon Military Police, in which Colonel Marcus James Fleet Lobato received the Colonel's office Gilberto de Andrade Gouvêa, the deputy governor Henrique Oliveira emphasized that the extensive experience of the new commander of the PM should contribute to effective results for investments in the area of ​​public security of the State. The ceremony was held late on Thursday, 8 of October, in the General Command Headquarters of the courtyard, in Petrópolis neighborhood, area south of Manaus.

"Today was crowned in the biggest military police station a man of valorous service in the enterprise and out also who made a major contribution in these eight months he was in charge of the military police. The experience of Colonel Marcus Fleet is aligned with the position it passes take. He is a man who knows the state, including serving as interior policing commander and is now in the capital, It is a police expert as anyone ", commented Henrique Oliveira.

The deputy governor also noted the work of the Governor Jose Melo, which has made investments to ensure higher quality security for Amazonian families. "Our work is increasingly improve the safety issue for our population. And the intention of the Governor Jose Melo is bringing good results with primary actions, such as combating drug trafficking. And the police will is more present in the streets with the support of such rigging. This is our challenge to seek the excellence of a friend and police present and that protects and serves the population ".

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Manaus, Artur Neto, the State Secretary of Public Security Amazon, Sergio Fontes, the president of the Amazon Court (TJ-AM), grace Figueiredo, the President of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), Socorro Guedes, and military and parliamentary state legislature and municipal authorities.

The new general commander of the Amazonas Military Police, Colonel Marcus James Lobato Fleet, He said it will continue the work of his predecessor, further strengthening actions to combat drug trafficking and crime in the state. "The mission requires us to say that we are prepared to continue the work, until here, It was made by Colonel Gouvêa. We will strengthen community policing, work to reduce the drug problem on the border with the support of Hook and Base, certainly, reduce alarming rates of violence in our region ".

Colonel Marcus James Lobato Fleet is part of the official framework of the Amazon Military Police (PMAM) there is 30 years and holds a degree in Law and Physical Education. Among the functions that have served the corporation was commander of the 3rd Battalion of the Military Police (BPM), Current 3rd Battalion Policing Ostensive and Environmental Preservation (BPOPMA), based in Tefé. Fleet also took the Policing Area Command West and East Regional in Manaus. currently, James Fleet was responsible for policing the Interior (CPI), a position he also assumed by the year 2001.

In her previous positions in public administration, included the Executive Secretary of Ports and Waterways Navigation Company (SNPH) State Government, and agrarian ombudsman of the Ministry of Agrarian Development. He has also been awarded medals "Tiradentes", "Cândido Mariano" and "Police Merit".

O former commander of PMAM, Colonel Gilberto de Andrade Gouvêa, had its integrated photo gallery of the former commanders of the Amazon Military Police and stressed the commitment of his work with the population, highlighting the future of the Amazon Military Police. "Our work has always focused on the future of the Military Police. We carry out these eight months intensive work and are leaving convinced of our accomplishment and, Clear, I'm sure that contributed to the Military Police. I wish the new command which will build all this to improve our work and make the military police grow to serve even better the Amazonian people ".

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