Lawyers disclose manifesto of support for Jean Cleuter and Omara Gusmão

According to the manifesto, candidates, if elected, will make a more active OAB.
22/11/2015 12h01 - Updated 23/11/2015 11h39
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Viva Order Movement in Defense of Law, which brings together professionals from all areas of Law, public and private, well as the Public Ministry, He issued a manifesto in which it provides support to the candidacies of Jean Cleuter Mendonça (President) e Omara Gusmão (vice president), plate "Changes OAB-Alliance", which contributes to the direction of OAB, in election to be held the next day 27.

The manifesto argues: "In the next election we will have the chance to change and, changing, be part of an active OAB-AM, strong, respected and proactive in carrying out their institutional and corporate functions ".

Lawyers observe the manifest the need for the OAB "acting in combating the abuse of power and the defense of our rights and prerogatives. We want an OAB that is opposed to any act of violence against the lawyer and the citizen. Who fights against the will and always retain the freedom from the State Powers ".

In conclusion, the manifesto is signed by hundreds of lawyers, concludes: "Support colleagues Jean Cleuter and Omara Gusmão, considering that both are competent professionals, ethical, respected and independent ".

Among those who signed the manifesto are Edson de Oliveira, Oldeney in Valente, Eloi Pinto de Andrade, Sulamita da Silva, Paula Valério, Ananias Ribeiro, Iza Amelia Albuquerque, Manoel Bessa Son, Montemurro white, Maiara Sonntag, Mara Guedes, Fabiola Campos, Roberta Mota, Yara Castro, Maria Dalva Brandão, Nilson Coronin, André Bessa, Felipe Thury, Rodrigo Junqueira, Tracey Resende, Flávio Sobrinho, Flora de Oliveira Souza, Eline de Oliveira Souza, Ezequiel Cruz, Valeria Damasceno Coelho, Lucia Port Veiga, among others.

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