Amazon and Peru come together to map business potential and define future trade agreements

José Melo received today delegation of Peru.
18/11/2015 15h03 - Updated 18/11/2015 15h03
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Governor José Melo received, on Wednesday morning, 18 from November, a delegation from the Peruvian government to discuss future trade agreements between the Amazon and Peru. A working group will be formed with experts from the State Government and the neighboring country to initially map all business potential between the two markets and, later, develop the trade cooperation documents.

Jose Melo, accompanied by the State Secretary of Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation, Thomaz Nogueira, and the State Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, He said that Peru has all the conditions to become a major importer of goods produced in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, as cell tefones, computers and televisions.

On the other hand, Governor he stressed that the Amazon is a major consumer products such as onions, potato and cement, which are currently compared to other regions at a higher price than if they were purchased from the neighboring country. “Currently the value of the cement bag that comes to Tabatinga is $ 40. If we we bought Peru, for example, certainly the figure would be much lower, mainly due to the proximity. On the other hand, Peru is an important consumer market products that we do here in the free zone, but which are currently acquired from other countries”.

According to SEPLAN-CTI data, Amazon in 2014 He conducted business with Peru in the amount of R $ 30 millions. For Governor, this value can be much higher with the optimization of trade relations between the two consumer markets, mainly by the geographical proximity of the two regions.

Among the Peruvian authorities who attended the meeting were the regional governor of Ucayali, Manuel Rs Gmbini, the ambassador of Peru in Brazil, Jorge Bayona and the Vice Minister of Commerce of Peru, Edgar Vasquez. For the governor Manuel Gambini, coming to Manaus is an experience to strengthen trade ties and also meet near the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

"We are also a Amazon region and have a lot in common with the Amazon and Manaus, so we think we can be stronger trading partners. We have also come to know the Free Trade Zone model that interests us very, since we want to implement something similar in Ucayali ", Disse Manuel Rs Gmbini,

The Peruvian delegation also visited the Industrial Pole of Manaus factory and was reunited with the board of the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa), A Peruvian stand was mounted on the Amazon International Fair, which starts on Wednesday at the Studio 5 Convention Center.

Vice Minister of Commerce, Edgar Vasquez said that the Peruvian government has been working, from Federal Government, the bureaucracy of some issues that hinder the realization of trade with Brazil as, for example, facilitating the realization of public procurement by Peruvian companies in Brazil and Brazilian companies, no Peru, which would bring a flood of business for both countries.

The governor Jose Melo committed in intermediating, next to the federal bench in Brasilia and the Federal Government, ways to reduce the red tape that prevents Brazil and Peru to perform a greater number of trade agreements.

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