Aneel expects to reduce until May to charging extra light

The expectation is to bring down the red flag until May tariffs.
04/11/2015 10h33 - Updated 4/11/2015 10h33
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The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) It expects to bring down the red flag until May of tariffs, signaling that leaves the most expensive electricity bills. This will be possible if, until then, of hydroelectric reservoirs has reached “a good level”, according to Tiago de Barros Correia, director of Aneel.

According to the director, the National Electric System Operator (US) make the electric sector management only by computer models, the electricity bill could already be with yellow flag. However, because of the need to save water in hydroelectric reservoirs, ONS has maintained the thermal power plants in operation.

The tariff system flags, in force since the beginning of the year, allows the monthly payment to the consumer part of the extra expense of distributors with increased energy costs. The color of the flag is printed on the bills. red, representing an increase of 4,50 real for each 100 consumption kWh, It is in force since the beginning of 2015.


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