After finishing with boyfriend who had a fetish for chubby, woman loses 112 kg

Patty Sanches came to grief 327 kg.
26/11/2015 14h53 - Updated 26/11/2015 15h03
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Patty Sanchez, from 51 years, won many kilos to please her boyfriend, who was attracted to chubby. Getting to weigh 327 kg, a morbidly obese frame, to American Reno (Nevada, USA), ended recently not only in the unhealthy relationship, it also eliminated 112 kg.

To satisfy the fantasies of her then boyfriend, Patty came to want to be the heaviest woman in the world and consumed an average of 13 thousand daily calories. She gave up control your weight 1991, when she separated from her second husband. At the time she weighed 70 kg.

Now single and mother of four, American changed your lifestyle and your diet, reducing your intake of calories 3 thousand per day. according to her, you still want to lose a few more kilos, change helped improve their personal and family life.

“I was huge and was slowly dying. Weight loss had much to do with the breakup with my ex – I was served at every meal every day and when we finished, I had to take care of myself”, she says the Mirror. “I've never been afraid of death before – It was something that had never thought as I was growing.”

Patty reached a point of not be able to breath to go to the bathroom and was afraid of failing to protect their children.

“I started learning how to make my own meals, choose the food that I wanted instead of food that others wanted me to eat to gain weight”, Explain.

(Photo: Playback / Barcroft)

(Photo: Playback / Barcroft)

After losing weight (Photo: Playback / Barcroft)

After losing weight (Photo: Playback / Barcroft)

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