CCJ's Aleam tips Bolsa Athlete State project

The deputy Luiz Castro (Network) He was the only one who voted for the constitutional project.
12/11/2015 15h35 - Updated 12/11/2015 15h36
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The Amazon sport was defeated in the Constitution Committee, Justice and Writing (CCJR) the Amazonas Legislative Assembly. At a meeting on the morning of Thursday, 12 from November, the CCJR reproved the state representative design Alessandra Campêlo (PCdoB) and deputy Augusto Ferraz (THE) instituting the Athlete Scholarship to encourage athletes and disabled athletes.

CCJR is the first instance for a project go to vote in the Legislature and, with the opposite view, the Bolsa Athlete may only be resubmitted next year. Alessandra The initiative is an old dream of Amazonas sport, it aims to ensure by law the government support for athletes in the categories School and High Performance in diverse forms.

Bolsa Athlete of the rapporteur, Mr Belarmino Lins (PMDB) He claimed the initiative of vice and had his vote followed by David Almeida (PSD), Orlando City (PTN) and Abdala Fraxe (PTN). The deputy Luiz Castro (Network) He was the only one who voted for the constitutional project.

Alessandra lamented the overthrow of PL, it is the neglect of the house with Amazon sport more broadly. "With this decision, the Assembly shows that unfortunately is not concerned to legislate in favor of the development of our sport ", said former Secretary of Sports, Leisure and Youth.

In his legal opinion, Alessandra argued that the creation of the Bolsa Athlete may rather be the Legislature initiative. She cited the creation of the Federal Bolsa Athlete (PL 3826/2000), parliamentary initiative, which won all instances in the House of Representatives and the Senate and is now the largest public program to support sport in the world. Alessandra also stressed state and local initiatives to support athletes and disabled athletes through scholarships.

The MP also noted that, since 2012, there are already resources available in the state budget for granting the benefit. "All that is missing the institution of state law Bolsa Athlete, it is a political issue. We will not give up and I will restate the project in 2016 ".

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