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More of 1.500 lawyers participated in the campaign Closing plate "Changes OAB-Alliance".
26/11/2015 19h45 - Updated 27/11/2015 14h05
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More than one thousand 500 lawyers participated in Dulcila's Bufett, Campaign end plate "Changes OAB-Alliance", Disputing the election to the direction of the OAB-AM in election to be held on Friday (27). The candidate Jean Cleuter Mendonça made a thanks speech and assured that from January to OAB is a transparent entity, independent and focused on the interests of lawyers.

The presence of the large audience gave an upbeat touch to meet, held on Wednesday night and called "Great Wave upset", as occurred in Maranhão elections, Piauí, Federal District and Tocantins, where plates that had the OAB national president of the support, Marcos Vinicus Coêlho, They lost ground in the final hour. In Manaus this support is to the lawyer's plate Choy.

Jean Cleuter was keen to highlight the participation of women in the process - over 46% Plaque is made up of women - and especially thanked the Omara Gusmão lawyer, its candidate for vice. "We made a clean campaign, with concrete proposals and we will make possible from January ", he said.

He explained that was part of the current group that currently heads the OAB, as Federal Councilor, but he left that group which he, "Tries to stay in power at any cost, because they did not meet at any time with the campaign promises ".

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