David Assayag became Jesus, says Silas House

Statement was published in the deputy's Facebook page.
09/11/2015 12h50 - Updated 11/11/2015 13h37
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Mr Silas House (PSD) He said on Sunday (8), that the ox singer, David Assayag, He converted to Jesus in the Church Evangelical Alliance, located in Santo Antonio neighborhood, area south west of Manaus. According to him, Assayag sang gospel music at one of the church services.

The information was published in the Silas House page on facebook, with two photos. In posting Silas says: “Converted to Jesus, David Assayag, Alliance Church member – whose leaders the Apostle Teté, and shepherdess Rosenice, your wife – receives the affection of the minister and deputy Silas House, and worship God tremendously through praise”. Until the morning of Monday Silas publication totaled over 3 tanned thousand, e 900 shares.

The report tried to contact the singer for more information on the posting, unsuccessfully, for a while. In his facebook page, David Assayag, shared publishing Silas House about two after posting. In a new post on Monday (9) David Assayag neither confirmed nor denied the information. He said only that soon will manifest itself on the matter and will announce whether to leave or not to sing ox.

The leader of the Alliance Church, apostle Francisco, apostle known as Teté, said David Assayag “It is not the Church Alliance member”, and who is just visiting the congregation.

Church members reported that on several occasions David participated in events sponsored by the church, and even sing with the popular gospel singer, Anderson Freire, during the birthday 24 years of the Alliance Church, held in Ponta Negra amphitheater on the last day 13 of September. In this ocasion, David Assayag sang the song Rarity, alongside Anderson Freire. Freire said Assayag was already a great friend, and made several statements similar to the singer's tune.

Then, to have the word, David Assayag told audience of at least five thousand people that his conversion was near.
“I can only say that is very close”, he said.

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