Deputy wants to report on the situation of dams Taboca Mining

He will ask the National Department of Mineral Production a technical survey.
27/11/2015 13h42 - Updated 27/11/2015 13h42
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The deputy Luiz Castro (NETWORK) He said on Thursday (26) We will request the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) a technical survey of the situation of the company's dams Mining Taboca, exploiting cassiterite in Vila do Pitinga, in Presidente Figueiredo. He participated in the time assignment which discussed the issue of dams in the Amazon.

Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Legislative Assembly, Castro argued that the DNPM along with the state government to carry out an inspection of the dams. "We need a technical report on the structure of dams, especially tailings exploitation of cassiterite, containing toxic elements ", He stressed.

Faced with the executive director of Amazon Institute of Environmental Protection (Ipaam), Ana Aleixo, Deputy Luiz Castro noted that the agency does not have on its staff engineers who can make an assessment of the situation of dams. "In its turn, the mining company says there is no risk, but we need a report that points to the actual situation of the dams, because in Mariana, Samarco mining affirmed the same thing, to occur that it is one of the largest environmental disasters in the country ", said the deputy.

That is why, he considers it important that the DNPM make a technical survey free, in order to identify whether there is a risk of leaks that can cause damage to nearby communities and the environment in the region. The time assignment was requested by the President of the Legislative House, Joshua Neto (PSD), which proposed a visit to the Vila Pitinga to check the status of dams, localizadas nos MEAs Uatumã to Alalau.

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