Businessman involved in stealing the bank branch arrested

The theft occurred on 29 May this year, in Iranduba.
30/11/2015 15h14 - Updated 30/11/2015 15h14
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police officers of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd) They presented, on the morning of Monday, day 30, in a press conference at the General Police, the entrepreneur from Ceará Herculano Alves Martins, 39, known as "Baker". He is one of six involved in a robbery at a bank branch in the city of Iranduba (distant 27 kilometers straight from Manaus), occurred in 29 May this year. Besides Herculaneum, four other individuals were arrested by police.

During the press conference, the holder delegate in exercise of Derfd, Denis Pinho, He reported that the capture of Herculaneum was combined with the Ceará state civil police, who made the arrest of the offender, no dia 5 September this year, in the municipality of Morada Nova, located inside the Ceará state, where he lived and had a bakery. The man landed at the airport Eduardo Gomes, In Manaus, in the early hours of last Friday, day 27, around half past midnight.

As Denis Pinho, Herculaneum is stubborn in practice thefts to bank branches and also has tickets for other crimes. "In 2010, man was arrested in Ceará, to be part of a gang that committed 29 bank robberies in the Northeast. It also has passages for receiving stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms ", He informed the delegate.

Herculaneum was arrested in compliance with the preventive arrest warrant, issued no dia 12 August this year, by the judge of the 1st Court of Iranduba, Josenildo Birth Gold. He was indicted for increased theft and kidnapping; after legal procedures, It will be forwarded to Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which remain at the disposal of justice.

According to the delegate, Denis Pinho, before committing the theft to the bank branch Iranduba, no dia 29 May this year, Herculaneum and five henchmen kidnapped two employees the day before the crime.

"They were already monitoring the bank's routine two weeks ago, when on the night of 28 of May, They kidnapped the manager and the guard unit, after hours. Then, the gang went to the manager's residence, located in the New Town neighborhood, North of Manaus, where did the family his hostages, until the next day, when they performed the theft ", He explained the delegate.

According to yet Pine, the morning of the crime, four members of the gang took the manager and vigilant to the bank, in Iranduba, using the car's banking. nonlocal, offenders drew the amount of R $ 375 thousand and did other employees and customers hostage.

"During a leak, offenders again used the manager's car and, then, They set fire to car. Herculaneum and another accomplice remained in the property, in the New Town neighborhood, making threats against the manager of the family ", He informed the delegate.

After the incident, the team Derfd, together with police from the 31th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP) Iranduba started investigations, and in partnership with the civil police effected Ceará, simultaneously, the arrest of four involved in the day 20 July this year.

according to Pinho, were arrested, In Manaus, Rosivaldo Ferreira Barros, 36, the "Skinny" and Iran Santana da Silva, 40, while Pedro Gomes da Silva Filho prison, 54, the "Pedro das Vacas", appointed as leader of the gang, and Lerivelton Maia Silva, 47, it occurred, respectively, in Ceará municipalities of Itaitinga and Quixadá. The sixth involved in crime, despite having been identified, It has not yet been captured by police.

"The gang acted in different states of the country, including Amazon, Ceará, Bahia, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte ", said the police authority.

During the press conference, Herculano confirmed participation in crime, but he said he was sorry. "I came to visit a brother who lives in Manaus, when Lerivelton invited me to participate in theft. I was with the amount of R $ 25 thousand I used to drink, prostitutes and other 'wrong way'. I confessed my participation and I am aware of what I did. I'm deeply sorry ", said the offender.

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