Students are pre-selected to carry the Olympic Torch, In Manaus

The announcement was made yesterday during the Schools Festival.
07/11/2015 14h56 - Updated 9/11/2015 10h27
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The Festival of Schools announced late Friday (6), in the Amazon Convention Center (CCA) Vasco Vasques, youth and pre-selected teachers to lead the torch of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, In Manaus. About a thousand students, over age 12 years, 8th and 9th grade and 1st, 2Nd and 3rd high school, besides teachers 20 public and private schools participated in the event, which it is a realization of the Simões Group and Coca-Cola Brazil. The names will be sent to the Olympic Committee and the official announcement of the selected drivers will take place in February 2016.

In Manaus, the 20 Pre-selected students are: Gabriela Pinheiro Saraiva e Silva (do Centro Educacional La Salle), Lucas Matheus Silva dos Santos (the Ceti Aurea Pinheiro Braga), Meicyelle Silva (the Ceti Professor Cinthia Regia Gomes do Livramento), Sarah Fialho Matos (College Amazonense Dom Pedro II), Francisco Brito Cruz (the State School Antogildo Pascoal Viana), Vitoria Cardoso Araujo (the State School CMPM IV Aurea Pinheiro Braga), Gilmar Freitas Marreira (the State School Demosthenes Belduque A Travessa), Talisson de Souza Viana (the State School Ernesto Pinho Filho), Wendy Vitoria de Oliveira Batista (State School José Bentes Monteiro), Robson Freitas Quara (the State School Marcantonio Vilaca), Andryw Lucas de Araujo (School Marechal Hermes), Paula Caroline Nogueira Ramos (the State School Maria de Lourdes Nogueira Arruda), Jessica Nascimento Ramos (the State School Professor Jorge Karam Netot), Fabiola Cristina Garcia Flag (the State School Professor José Ribamar da Costa), Polliana Araújo Teixeira (the State School Professor Ruy Alencar), Rosangela Melo Farias (the State School Sebastião Norões), Ana Carolina Carvalho Lima (the State School Senator Manuel Severiano Nunes), Klissia de Andrade Cunha (the State School Vasco Vasques), Raul Soares Dantas (of Amazonas Education Institute - IEA) and Karlos Gabriel Ribeiro dos Santos (the State School Dr. Isaac Sverner).

The 5 pre-selected teachers are: Alessandra Silva de Oliveira (the State School Demosthenes Belduque A Travessa), Juliana Paz Rego (the State School Maria de Lourdes Nogueira Arruda), Kaio Henrique Pereira Leite (State School Vasco Vasques), Lilian Rodrigues da Costa (the State School Marcantonio Vilaca) and Natally Gonçalves dos Santos (the State School Professor Ruy Alencar).

Students were pre-selected through the official website http event://, where content sent (text, photo or video) related to sports, dance, outdoor activities and fun times with friends, strengthening friendship values. The selection also gave importance to ideals that value the family relationship and positively inspire community.

Teachers defined as ambassadors of each school indicated the 5 better content and Coca-Cola Panel were 25 students were pre-selected. Each educational institution attended by a delegation of 10 student leaders, 30 students fans, beyond the teacher ambassador.

Teachers were chosen on Friday by fun gymkhana, educational and full of movement promoted by the event, where schools competed with artistic presentations with lots of dancing and music.

The names of all the nominees as drivers follow the same criteria adopted in the national nomination campaign for Coca-Cola, within the concept "That's Gold". Created to recognize people who use the movement to inspire and encourage others, this concept will present genuine stories of working life among the students of the Schools Festival 2015, confirming the commitment and the legacy that the company intends to leave beyond the Rio Olympics 2016, to encourage physical activity for all.


The relay starts 100 days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 in Olympia, in Greece. From there, the Olympic flame travels to Brazil, where you begin to tread on their way to Rio de Janeiro, Your final stop. The essence of the relay is to pass the Olympic flame of a torch to another driver, involving the whole country in the mood of the Games.

Coca-Cola has already chosen the first five names that will have the honor of conducting the Olympic flame during the tour: former player and Olympic champion volleyball, in Athens 2004, Nalbert, 41 years; Lara Leite de Castro, first Brazilian to participate in the Torch Relay during the Barcelona Games, in 1992; Jobson Junior, 20 years, community resident in Rio and taught himself to dance and play musical instruments; Rodrigo Rocha and his son, Gabriel Rocha, 13 years, cerebral palsy.

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