Isabelle Drummond fans criticize James Iorc clip with Marquezine

10/11/2015 11h07 - Updated 10/11/2015 11h07
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Isabelle Drummond fans did not like one bit of the clip the singer James Iorc launched on Sunday. In the video I loved View, the boyfriend of the actress appears embraced, half-naked, with another block, Bruna Marquezine, also partially naked. Isabelle's followers were angry with the clip and were complaining on Instagram Iorc.

“The clip is top, but these scenes were beyond. I hope Isa stay well!”, He wrote one person in the photo comments the singer posted to disclose the clip. “What man does not do to take a cone of Marquezine! Rascality with Drummond, nothing to see the clip # unfortunate”, said another. “Beautiful clip? Sim! But I do not understand why do with Bruna Marquezine if you had a wonderful woman on your side! Sometimes preserve love is better than having fame!”, philosophized else.

No profile Isabelle, Comments also emerged. “That clip is that your boyfriend, Isa? He took so Bruna the cone with a straight face”, said one. “You who should be in clipeee”, He lamented another.

Break up?
After the release of the clip, there were rumors that the dating Isabelle and Iorc was over and many fans noticed that the actress had deleted some pictures that appeared with the singer. sought, the press office of Iorc says it does not comment on her personal life.

In an interview with Extra Newspaper website, Globe Group, Isabelle's mother, Damir Drummond, confirmed that the relationship ended. “They finished two months ago. She is fine, but it is out of Rio”, said.


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