Autism Institute in the Amazon hold Charity Café on Sunday (15)

The goal of the action is to get resources to help build a headquarters.
12/11/2015 15h08 - Updated 12/11/2015 15h08
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The Institute's mission is to spread the Amazon Autism Autism in the State, bring knowledge about the syndrome so there is less bias and greater inclusion opportunities in all sectors of society and the construction of a headquarters is an important goal for the care of autistic children and young people. This Sunday (15), the Institute will host a Café Beneficent, from 7:30 am until the morning 10am, to help build the long awaited headquarters.

The Autism Institute in the Amazon was created four years ago amid the anguish and uncertainty of parents, caregivers and professionals who deal daily with autism and to raise new horizons and perspectives to each of the families and people with pervasive developmental disorders who live in Manaus and in more distant municipalities in the state.

In addition to the internal actions, The Institute also conducts external activities. "In addition to the therapeutic work with autistic children and youth served free at our headquarters which is currently rented. Volunteers Institute, between them, many parents run schools from Manaus to talk about autism and social inclusion, what is autism, as can be detected, which behavioral characteristics shown by those who have the disorder Autistic Spectrum (TEA), who should be resorted, which suitable material to work with the development of autism and more. ”, He explained Anísio Felipe is one of the voluntary and marketing director of the Institute.

"The Institute also takes its" Workshop Inclusion "in events to which we are invited to participate, as lectures, forums, fairs and on these occasions always expose and sell our materials such as shirts, for example, and this Breakfast, in addition to integrating it is a way of showing the visitor on our beautiful work and quanyo need the help of the whole society for the construction of our long awaited thirst ", Felipe said Anísio.

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