Lava Jato suspected business between BTG and children of Bumlai

Janot records that BTG Pactual participated in transactions.
30/11/2015 09h49 - Updated 30/11/2015 09h49
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Researchers Operation Lava Jet consider business suspects made between BTG Pactual, André Esteves, and the children of the farmer and friend of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, José Carlos Bumlai, arrested on Tuesday. The information is part of material submitted by the task force of Lava Jet in Curitiba to the Attorney General's Office (PGR), Esteves after prison, and are part of the request to the Supreme Court (STF) to convert the temporary arrest of the banker in custody, that is, no deadline to expire.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, records that the BTG Pactual participated in transactions “highly improbable and scarcely explicable” with companies of the children of Bumlai. in the first, the institution would have taken part in the financial restructuring of a plant called San Fernando Sugar and Alcohol, which belonged to the children of the farmer in 2012. A company, However, He went into bankruptcy the following year.

also in 2012, a company of the financial group of the bank, BTG Pactual Financial Services, bought by 195 million reais a farm of the children of Bumlai. The deal is considered suspect by the IRS.

The researchers see growing evidence against Esteves on two fronts: the accusation that he was the financial hub of the offer undue advantage to try to buy the silence of the former director Nestor Cervero Petrobras, and indicative of the interests of the banker who would be affected by any plea bargaining.

The information that BTG Pactual is under investigation in the Court of Auditors of irregularities by the Union in the acquisition of Petrobras assets in Africa for less than the price evaluation, in 2013, It was also passed on to the PGR for Curitiba task force. The difference between the price paid and the value assessment was confirmed by the former manager of the international area of ​​the state, Fernando José Cunha, heard in Paraná.

For years researchers, the information note that Esteves has no interest to come to the fore winning denunciations about these matters. In testimony after being arrested, Senator Delcídio Amaral (PT-MS), government leader, He admitted knowing of Esteves in Africa business. Researchers believe that both Cerveró as Fernando Soares, known as Fernando Baiano, appointed as PMDB operator in the corruption scheme in Petrobras, initially they had an agreement to omit statements in the Lava Jato information about irregularities in BTG Pactual's business in Africa.

The exchange of gas stations flag is regarded as one of the most suspicious transactions when investigating Esteves. The goal would be to dissociate the bank BTG BTG Alpha Partners company, It had as partner the DVBR Brazil Derivatives, awarded a contract with BR Distribuidora, Petrobras subsidiary.
Wanted, the lawyer Bumlai, Arnaldo Malheiros, He said he had no knowledge of the endorsements made by researchers at the farmer family business. That is why, he explained, does not rule.


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