budget laws of capital will be discussed in open court

The goal is to encourage the participation of the population.
09/11/2015 09h47 - Updated 10/11/2015 10h54
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In order to encourage public participation in the discussion on public policies for the city, Professor Alderman Bibiano (PT) holds public hearing to discuss the Annual Budget Law (LOA 2016) and the planned changes to the Multi-Year Plan (PPA) the municipality for the period 2014 a 2017. The event takes place the next day 13 from November (Friday), a partir das 19h, no Centro Cultural Padre Rogério Ruvoletto (Rua Sete May, 2009, Santa Etelvina).

The audience is geared to all citizens. Before opening space for public participation, clarification will be presented on aspects of both laws, the relationship between them, as well as the interaction of the same with the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) and the importance in relation to the planning of municipal management and development of the city itself.

According to Alderman, society must be increasingly embedded in government planning processes and decision-making as to the actions that will affect the future of the city as a whole and of each individual citizen, that is why, the importance of this initiative.

He explains that the proposals to be presented will be systematized in the shape of amendments and presented to the House as soon as opened the deadline regimental, whose duration is five working days. "We look forward to the sensitivity of the council to assess the proposals and so, approve them. In contrast, it will be up to City Hall responsibility for implementation ", said Bibiano.

In addition to the participation of the population, parliamentary highlights the pedagogical aspect of the public hearings that it comes captaining. for Bibiano, one must first of all clarify the order that the people may have needed subsidies to discuss and so, better position. "The policy we do is not the one to give the fish, but to teach to fish. That's what I always believed in my whole career, as a teacher and this is the guiding thought of the mandate given to me by the people ", he stressed.

LOA brings the expected revenue by the city for the year 2016. The estimated amount is R $ 4,146 billion - an increase of 6,4% in relation to the LOA 2015. But the PPA comprises Management's guidelines and objectives, as, the goals to be achieved in the proposed period.

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