Brands invest in 'plus size fashion’ In Manaus

The brands have been specialized in the production of larger pieces inspired by global trends.
11/11/2015 17h04 - Updated 11/11/2015 17h04
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A few years ago, find clothes for overweight people was a complicated task. when found, the looks had a "face” old clothes, generally mesh, dark tones, without many options. Currently, the scenario is different. Many people decided to take "excess hotness" and the market looked to this consumer profile increasingly demanding and savvy.

Brands have been specialized in the production of larger pieces inspired by global trends. Só no Sumaúma Park Shopping, New City, four stores expanded the range of offerings, and sold, also, plus size clothing.

In the hall of the brands that have invested in this segment are the Inova, Adore, Tropy e a Asya Fashion. According to some retailers, selling models plus size is often larger than the regular size. With a little more than five months in operation Kapok, the Adore is one of the brands that saw the good acceptance of the segmented product. "The different size clothes have a very high demand in the store. People want to dress well, feel comfortable and safe on the model chosen dress. When consumers find those clothes I was looking for, the sale is right ", said Marizete, gerente da Adore.

According to Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises), the percentage of the population overweight grows increasingly. In 2012 arrived at 51%, while on 2006 revolved around 43%. Thereby, the so-called "fashion Plus Size", serving the public chubby, is successful in the country.

Only in the year 2013, this particular market moved more than R $ 4 billion in the country, according to the Brazilian Clothing Association (Abravest). The increase in the number of Brazilians overweight, the attempted brands to the need for redesigns to better serve the consumer who is part of that new fashion segment.

Breaking stereotypes that the world belongs to those who dress dummy below 40, this new concept responds to the demands of society that struggle for social inclusion, while creating a whole special niche market.

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