Minister promises to initiate the Port Manaus Modern design

The announcement was made by Senator Sandra Braga on Thursday (12).
12/11/2015 15h25 - Updated 12/11/2015 15h25
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The minister of the Secretariat of the Presidency of Ports, hélder barbalho, He committed to Senator Sandra Braga (PMDB-AM) taking the role of the Manaus Modern design, Construction of a public port terminal in the urban center of the capital, to expand, organizing and modernizing the transport of cargo and passengers.

"The construction of this port is a dream for Amazonian", the minister said Sen., noting that the old port, It is in the center of town and is very important for the whole Amazon, it depends on river transport to supply the interior municipalities. "Today the port works improperly, disorderly and without any control, Apart from poor hygiene conditions ", she complained, in defense of Manaus Modern design, which is now being studied in partnership with the Secretariat of Ports with the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ).

"I will absolutely special attention to this matter", He promised the minister Helder in the audience with Sandra Braga. He explained to the senator that the Manaus Modern design is now being analyzed by technicians of the Department of Infrastructure of his ministry. "We have no restriction on merit. We're just evaluating what is the best way for us to play this project ", the minister said, raising the possibility of adopting the concession to the private sector or a rental model, given the difficulties that restrict the ability of the federal government investment.

In a public hearing held six months ago, the Infrastructure Commission, Sandra Braga arrived to question the then Minister for Ports, Edinho Araújo, on the deadline for construction of the new port of capital. Newcomer to the government, he did not yet know the proposal. It was when the senator referred the Manaus Modern to the Secretariat of Ports. By now, the design and feasibility studies for the port had already been approved by the National Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DNIT).

This bold proposal for modernization and expansion of the port of Manaus provides for the construction of three floating modules for transportation of cargo and passengers. The idea is to also use the port areas to urban interventions that can stimulate and strengthen tourism in the capital of Amazonas.

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