The Ice and Fire Genres: the influence of these elements in the course of Game of Thrones

07/11/2015 14h48 - Updated 8/11/2015 09h51
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Fire and Ice
"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
I'm with those who favor fire.
But, if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that ruin by ice
It would also be great
And would suffice "
Robert Frost poem that inspired the creation d'A Song of Ice and Fire

Since it was adapted for television by HBO, The Chronicles of ice and Fire, series of books still in production by American George R, R. Martin, It became the most popular fantasy saga History (until now, at least). Never have so many theories and assumptions have been raised about a work of its kind, nor had such a sudden impact on pop culture and managed to keep so many people interested in (astonishingly) almost 19 years after the release of the first book in the series, and counting. Controversy by definition, after all, It is high index of characters who suffer hideous deaths and worst traumas yet, He was responsible for raising intense debate in recent years about being conniving or not about the social issues for which he is remembered as.

Personally, Martin's work is already worthy of attention only for fostering such discussions, as well as develop a carefully intricate story about civil wars, medieval fantasy and political intrigue, but, beyond social issues, there is a very strong symbolic weight in the plot d'Chronicles. Another very prominent feature is how well the characters of the fictional country of Westeros are worked into the plot, making it easily its strongest. The column this week seeks to align some of these two characteristics.

Much is speculated by the presence of Ice and Fire in the main series title, leaving any reader or viewer to assemble pieces of an almost infinite puzzle on the frame will be closed. What I want to focus on here is not the end, but the process, the course of history, noting that such a powerful duality in the title through the most important part of the plot: the characters. Many of them, important people in Westeros policy and directly linked to military decisions that led the world of the chronicles the chaos of civil war, regardless of the position of power, They are confronted directly by a rival or doubtful ally of equal relevance, as opposed to, as well as often being of different genres, often lead the author to relate them to the conflict expressed in the title.

The first book in the series, A War Two Thrones (1996), presents the Family Leader Stark, Eddard, one honest man who everyone thought we would get away with being beheaded for being the good guy. The nobility Northern shield is because most remembered throughout the series, with various characters outas mourning or celebrating his death, and curiously, We learn more about Eddard through what people remember him than when it was alive and telling their own story: Stark is remembered as the personification of the cold North, a man with ice water in his veins would never act against their code of loyalty and honor. For a solid integrity, Eddard took a cold stance, inflexible, I would not hesitate to kill if that were the order of his superiors.

In the same book we begin to also follow Caitlyn Tully-Stark, Eddard's wife and the ying yang of his. Lady Stark is the counterpart of her husband, we including physical attributes: while Eddard has dark features and hard, Caitlyn is what they call in the series "kissed by fire", intensely redhead and a maternal light and warm, are these same instincts that lead to rage, the murderous impetus that takes possession of it when having to defend his family. Able to align passion military strategy (not always successfully), not even the flames of the spirit of Lady Stark could win the conflict with frost Eddard used to bring in the eye: "I had imagined him as a younger version of his brother Brandon, but had misread, Eddard was lower and had a simple face, and it was very melancholy. He spoke in a very courteous manner, but, below the words Catelyn felt the opposite to what was coolness Brandon, whose joys had been as violent as the anger. Even when he took her virginity, their love had more of duty than passion ".

Another couple who follows a more distorted via this profile is Stannis Baratheon, one of the many pretenders to the throne of Westeros, and his priestess, the witch Melisandre. Owner of a relentless and often inconsequential sense of justice, Stannis need to wield a heart even more cold than Eddard to defeat your enemies, willing to burn his nephew for divine blessings for his military contract. Even the man's skin is described as hard to move with the jaw, and never carries her look anything but judgment: "There is no creature that is on earth, not nearly, so terrifying as a truly just man ". As for Melisandre, the Red Witch, named after the robes and the red hair, already well-averse morality Caitlyn: devotee of R'hllor, the cruel god of fire grants you the gift of seeing the future in the flames and use them to dominate shadows, uses the aspiring king of faith to instill in him an almost inhuman coldness, and so it was said that "many called it beautiful. She was not beautiful. She was red, it's terrible, it's red".

In a very different dynamic, we see this conflict elements in the relationship between Queen Cersei, that kept the throne of Westeros to the end of the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons (2011), with his father and adviser, Tywin Lannister. Cersei, one of the most hated characters n'as Chronicles, pure fire is: devoid of any sense of otherness or prudence, does not hesitate to provoke a war by pure passion, is against his enemies or even against their allies, because "never forget an affront, real or imagined. Confuse caution with cowardice and divergence with challenge. It is greedy. It has power craving, honor, of love. The reign is sustained by all the alliances that my lord father built so carefully, but it will destroy them all, very quickly. ". Cersei brings blond hair the personification of pride flames, always adorned in a red sumptuous, Lannister family colors. To rein it in his insatiable thirst for anything, temos o cruel Tywin Lannister, an unscrupulous commander who does not merely tradition or honor to assert itself as the most terrible force of Westeros, It is responsible for the largest massacre of the saga, the Red Wedding. However, unlike daughter, It does so with a singular strategic thoroughness, which leads both to forgive the enemy for the sake of the kingdom as to order acts of infanticide, rape, betrayal or all of the above.

Finally, we have a couple, despite never even have a have heard of another, are the prime suspect of the theories for the title of the series have a real weight on its outcome: Jon Snow e Daenerys Targaryen. The first, bastard son of Eddard Stark and still inexperienced commander of a troop of men who vowed to fight in the extreme north of Westeros against supernatural evil living in eternal cold, It is strongly suspected to be chosen from a prediction messianic, professed by the same Melisandre: for having cold as home and barely have enjoyed the warmth of a family, Snow incorporates the best of Eddard, for more than fight to get rid of the rigid part. But, for many fans who follow the narrative eagerly, their duty to protect Westeros will never be complete without the assistance of Daenerys, last of his family, alone, He managed to give life to three real dragons, which seem to be the only resource that would help the supposed savior d'Chronicles defeat the mysterious ice demons that inhabit the North. Would be, therefore, through both fire and ice that would debate, They decide the future of a people that is already on the way to ruin on their own.

What else excites in writing Martin is just that: it has proved unpredictable. Try as we might perform readings as the expression of Fire and Ice in characters, how this is reflected in an ever-confrontational interaction between these elements in the gender profile of this universe (Women often associated with impetuosity fire, men, hardness insensitive ice), it is inevitable to the point where the only reading to be done is to speculation, because as it was mentioned at the beginning of the text, we are still the two books of the end of the saga, and still watching these two elements spreading clues about how a story that has defied the expectations of readers for nearly two decades ago to be closed. Perhaps Martin has used the verses of Robert Frost not only as an inspiration to create its medieval odyssey, but as a preview of what we can expect from the finale:

Not either, The Chronicles that are destroyed by Ice and Fire.

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