Santa Claus arrives the next day 14 no Manauara Shopping

The kids can meet the good old man until the day 24 from December.
11/11/2015 16h32 - Updated 11/11/2015 16h32
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Entitled to a fanfare, elves and fairies to, the arrival of Santa Claus will mark the inauguration of the Christmas decoration of Manauara Shopping, not next day 14, 17h. As is tradition, the shopping center bet on interactivity and the infant universe with the theme "Christmas Park".

The decor ranges from traditional throne of Santa Claus and stage lighting in the mall facade, to playgrounds in various parts of the shopping center. There will be three attractions: the "Hammer Strength", "Sleigh Race" and "Slide Train".

In the "Power Hammer", children can have fun with a contest to see who can brighten the Christmas tree. In the "Sleigh Race", interactivity joins the Christmas spirit and takes small for a run in full North Pole. The two scenarios share space, the avenue of entry Journalist Umberto Calderaro Son.

With access from Avenue Mário Ypiranga Monteiro, the scenario "Slide Train" will entertain the little ones with an inspired slide in the typical Christmas train wagons. All activities are free and have promoters follow.

Santa Claus will also receive children, on a throne mounted in front of a giant Christmas tree, all decorated with LED lights, installed on the floor Castanheiras, in front of the store until Ramsons 24 from December. Second to Sunday, it will be at the mall from 13h to 21h. On Christmas eve, from 10h to 16h.

The arrival of the "good old" to the mall is scheduled for 17h next Saturday (14). Accompanied by two elves, Santa will circle the mall and interact with customers. All this to the sound of a brass band consisting of seven musicians. Arriving on his throne, it will share space with a ballerina, a lead soldier, two fairies and two helpers of Santa Claus.

To complete the decoration, garlands and Santa Claus inflatable take shopping account, gracing the hallways and windows. And the facades, scenic lights.

"Our goal is to bring the park to climate Manauara Shopping. Besides leaving it even more beautiful, awakening the Christmas magic, we want children and adults have fun in our decor ", says the superintendent of Manauara Shopping, Rodrigo Galo.

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