Urban Mobility Plan should reach the CMM to the weekend, guarantees leader mayor

He said that all studies of the plan point out the blue stripe as a solution to traffic.
11/11/2015 10h59 - Updated 5/05/2016 03h30
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The Municipal Executive of the Bill dealing with the Mobility Plan Manaus Urban must come for discussion in the Municipal Legislative Branch to the end of this week. Was what secured, early on Tuesday, 10, the leader of the municipal government in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Elias Emanuel (PSDB). "The study is completed, It has been presented to the mayor and is ready to come to the House ", said Councilman.

According to Elias Emanuel, all studies of the Urban Mobility Plan developed by the company Workshop Consulting Engineers Associates, responsible for plan studies, They point to the trunking lines, this means exclusive tracks. "There is no solution to the traffic in any city in the world where there is no exclusive lane for public transport", assured.

The councilor explained that say that because, when the Blue Ribbon was established in Constantino Nery, the average speed of cars was 13 kilometers per hour and lowered to 12 kilometers per hour. As for the bus, it was ten kilometers per hour, the average speed rose to 18 km. And the trips both going from neighborhood to the Center or the Center for the quarter decreased by 20 minutes. "Therefore, I mean that the Blue Ribbon for those with individual transport and face traffic jams is a tremendous headache, but to one who depends on the bus, this has greater speed. Arrives faster to work, as quickly back home. The Urban Mobility Plan proves this and this discussion is that we catch this House ", highlighted.

Elijah Emanuel said he did not want to advocate loopholes for the approval of the Plan, but will advocate the discussion with society, having made the same, Manaus Prefecture, almost ten public hearings. "I advocate here the same treatment as was given to the Master Plan of the city of Manaus, the audience to open for discussion. Society has to come here and give their opinion on the Plan. Therefore, the city has no problem to discuss urban mobility. The administration had study, Workshop for Members, hired to do the technical study for this project to get to Casa ", said.

Action MPE
Councilman Elias Emanuel said, still, respect the decision of the Amazonas State prosecutors (MPE-AM), It filed in court, Civil action to suspend the exclusive use of blue bands on all public roads of Manaus until drafted the Mobility Plan Manaus Urban.

The decision of MPAM made the PT councilors Teacher Bibiano and Waldemir José praising the initiative taken by the prosecutor Paulo Guimarães Stélio Sabba on the finding various irregularities related to the implementation of dedicated lanes for the BRS system (Bus Rapid System) and semi-exclusive to buses in various city streets.

As highlighted councilors, these irregularities had already been denounced by them from the tribune of the Legislative House, between them, lack of planning and engineering study, risk of accidents and width below the minimum threshold 3,4 meters.

Chairman of the Transportation Commission, Transportation and Public Works (Comtvop), Councilman Rosivaldo Cordovil (PTN) He assured that it is time the Executive forward the plan and to fulfill its role with the public hearings. The Executive does its part and the House will fulfill its role. "We welcome you to move towards approve a plan that is suitable for the city of Manaus", he argued.

Deputy leader of the Municipal Government, Walfram Torres (PTC) also rejected the placement of the Blue Range is responsible for increasing the number of traffic fatalities. According to him, Traffic Portal, statistics at the national level, according to your last map, reports that Amazon has the lowest death rate in traffic rate per inhabitant. "The City is not irresponsible and incompetent or. The actions are designed and planned. The direction of Manaustrans (Municipal Institute ENGINEERING and Inspection Traffic), at the time, even went to the Ministry of Cities ask for extension of the deadline for submission of the Urban Mobility Plan ", reminded him, by stating in no doubt who is producing the best for the city of Manaus.

Arlindo Junior (PROS) ensured that did not see with good eyes the Blue Range, but lately we have been listening to people and found that it was approved. "Before the population suffered from the heat, Now with the reduction of travel time the population suffers less ", said Councilman, to ensure that today, a trip to the New Town Center that lasted a 45 It is made up in minutes 20 minutes with the Blue Range.

Alderman is the author of a statement to the mayor so that on weekends the Blue Band to be released, because these days are little used. "This is what is done in many parts of Brazil", assured.

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