St. Benedict of Barranco do Quilombo gets Intangible Heritage Board

The initiative seeks to preserve the traditions of which succeeded the descendants of slaves Maranhão.
23/11/2015 15h22 - Updated 23/11/2015 15h22
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The day 20 from November, Black Awareness Day was special for Urban Quilombo Barranco de São Benedito. The town received with the Intangible Heritage party board the Amazonas State. The bill is authored by Mr Bosco Saraiva (PSDB), approved unanimously by the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard), in June this year. The initiative seeks to preserve the traditions of which succeeded the descendants of slaves Maranhão.

"This is a milestone in the history of the Amazon. In this live Barranco black resistance, advancing culture, maintenance of their matrices, roots, your story, and consequently of their struggle. In Quilombo of St. Benedict it was that Nestor Nascimento began a difficult period, the military dictatorship, the struggle for social and racial liberation, causing the eyes to return to the black cause in the state ", reports the parliamentary.

The quilombo existed for 125 years, and it is formed by descendants of Maranhão slaves who settled in the Square neighborhood 14 from January. The village comprises 25 families was defined as the second urban quilombo recognized in Brazil, title granted by the Palmares Cultural Foundation. To Keilah da Silva, president of Creole Association of St. Benedict Quilombo, have also become Amazon Heritage is a recognition of the State of the importance of history and community identity.

"To be recognized as Intangible Heritage is of paramount importance for the maroon community of the State of Amazonas. Our ancestors fought quite so, and now in the fifth generation of the Barranco de São Benedito we got this realization. We are very happy with the tipping and certification. Now we intend to improve the lives of those who live in the community ", President declares.

"The Movement Pride Amazonas State Black was at the ceremony. The vice president of the organization, Cassius Silva, believes that by tipping there an affirmation and recognition of this territory. "With the tipping people get to know the Quilombo Urban of St. Benedict as a key to the culture and history of our state.", said Cassius.

State Representative Bosco Saraiva, also president of the Culture Committee of Aleam, awaits the vote of other Bills aimed at tipping as Cultural and Intangible Heritage, are they: works of the architect Severiano Melo, Kamelia Band and Samba. The PL's should be voted on by the Legislature still 2015.

Devotion to St. Benedict

More than 300 remaining have traditions and customs around Saint Benedict, the village's patron saint. He is appointed as responsible for the preservation of the tradition of Barranco community's founders. The church of Our Lady of Fatima, the Square neighborhood 14 from January, should have the name of the patron saint of blacks, but under pressure from the Portuguese did not happen. Even so, the community held for over a century the festivities in honor of the patron with the statue brought by Severa grandmother of Maranhão, after being alforriada.

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