Substance 'cure' cancer is unprecedented manifestation theme in Manaus

Demonstration is scheduled to take place on Sunday (29).
24/11/2015 18h29 - Updated 24/11/2015 18h29
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Manaus is on the route of "national Passeata the production and distribution of Phosphoethanolamine for cancer treatment in Brazil by SUS". The activity, which is organized by the State Phosphoethanolamine Association in the Amazon, happens next Sunday, 29 from November, a partir das 9h, at Police Plaza, no Center.
According to the organizer of the march in Manaus, Gisele Claudino de Souza, the goal is to bring it to knowledge of the Amazonian society. "It's a new theme and Manaus will also join the national movement that advocates the use of phosphoethanolamine in cancer treatment", Explain.

What is phosphoethanolamine
The phosphoethanolamine is a substance produced by the human body and can have the function of antitumor be, having antiproliferative, that is, It prevents the cancer from spreading and produces the death of its cells.

Studies with this substance were initiated in the early 90 by Professor Gilberto Orivaldo Chierice, the Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos (USP), and it describes the action of the substance as a kind of marker, signaling to the body on the cancer cell, leaving the more visible the same so that the immune system can fight.

The research that has been performed for 20 years, and has master's theses pointing positive results in containing and tumor reduction, through the use of the drug in animals, and currently over 800 people are treated with the medicine having positive results in their treatment.


It turns out that the synthetic substance is an experimental phosphoethanolamine, and although users and family describe significant improvement in combating the disease using the drug, the same is not registered with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), and so, consequently, It can not be distributed freely to the population.

The drug came to be distributed in the past, however Ordinance 1389/2014 banned drug delivery.

The problem lies in Article 12 of law 6360/76, Regulation Act on Health Surveillance that medicines are submitted. This article states that none of the products, referred to the Law, including imported, They could be industrialized, exposed for sale or delivered to the consumer before registered with the Ministry of Health.

however, the solution is in the body of the Law, continuing the reading of the law 6360/76, in Article 24, It is expressed that are exempt from registration new drugs, intended exclusively for experimental use, under medical control, can, inclusive, It is imported by express authorization of the Ministry of Health, that is, Experimental being a substance, the same is exempt from registration.

More so it seems inappropriate to the supply of medicines that do not have registration at Anvisa, one has to take into account the situation where the individual is, exceptional situations such as cancer, a serious illness, must take their cases to a relativization guarantee the fundamental rights of the citizen, as the right to life.

Legal issues

No legal field, articles 196 e 197 of the Federal Constitution, ensure that it is the State's duty to provide proper treatment to citizens, protecting the individual and ensuring the right to health and life.

To her 8080/90, which regulates the National Health System (THEIR), It ensures that the citizen has the right to universal access to health services, at all levels of care, and care completeness, which can be understood as an articulate and continuous set of actions and services, at all levels of complexity of the system, and also to preserve the autonomy of the people in defense of their physical integrity.

Thus it is inconceivable to deny the individual treatment, what, to combat their disease, oftentimes, has as its last hope of living the use of this medicine.

The absence of the drug registration at Anvisa does not remove the responsibility of the State, to ensure the individual fund the appropriate treatment to ensure their dignity.

This is proved with the result of the actions ingressadas front of the State and the USP, judgments given in these cases are shown to agree with the ideas expressed here, there is the relativity of regulatory laws to ensure the integrity of the individual.

When joining a lawsuit for the supply of this medicine, the judiciary has been positioned so as to compel the State and the USP for the availability of medicinal products to citizens, such positioning, It reproduces both injunction, causing the person to have access to the drug in a few days, as definitively, which brings great relief to those who suffer from this terrible disease.

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