attempted murder suspect arrested in Manaus

Second to PC, the crime was commissioned by a redemption neighborhood dealer.
12/11/2015 16h16 - Updated 12/11/2015 16h16
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Under the direction of Eduardo Paixão holder delegate, the 17th District Integrated Police staff (DIP) fulfilled, on the afternoon of Wednesday, day 11, na Rua Comandante Norberto Wongal, district Redemption, Central-West, one preventive arrest warrant in the name of John Kevid Amorin Basto, 23, named as one of those involved in the attempted murder of Jefferson Souza Santos Junior, 21.

According Passion, The crime occurred on 2 May this year, Alley Messejana, district Redemption, Central-West. A dealer area, known as "Thiago Alemão", I have ordered that John and five individuals execute the victim, because of a drug debt.

"Jhon and his cronies went to Jefferson's residence, AO Avista-the, He fled by property funds, It was reached but further, time that was beaten with sticks and stones by offenders. The attacks ceased only with the approach of local residents ", He explained the delegate.

Also according to the police, before the arrest of Jhon, four of the six individuals who participated in the crime, They had been arrested by police. "We are looking for the last involved, that has already been identified ", said delegate.

The arrest warrant was issued on behalf of John by the judge of the 3rd jury Stick, Mauro Antony. The man was charged with the attempted murder of crime and, upon termination of the procedures in the station, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which remain at the disposal of justice.

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