TIM Tec launches free online course Games Programming

Classes are taught by a professor at USP.
24/11/2015 13h41 - Updated 24/11/2015 13h41
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About one in every four Brazilians say playing video games. More than a national passion, the games also translate into a promising market, which earned $ 1 billion in 2014 and grew at rates between 9% e 15% the past five years, according to the Brazilian Association of Games (Abragames). Thinking about offer even more opportunities for those who want to bet on this segment, TIM Tec - TIM Institute platform that offers free training courses at a distance - just launched the Games Programming course. Taught by Dr. John Bernardes in Sciences, the University of São Paulo (USP), the course aims to present the main elements that make up an electronic game and their manipulation techniques, enabling students to develop their own games.

The new course is designed both for students and professionals from the information technology areas or design, with prior knowledge of programming and JavaScript language and who are interested in the development of electronic games. The training includes video lessons, online quizzes and activities, individual exercises and courseware support, totaling ten chapters.

“The theoretical content will be accompanied by the development of practical examples, during the course, result in the development of a simple game, two-dimensional, to facilitate learning and increase students 'motivation', explains Professor João Bernardes.

How does it work
TIM Tec is an initiative of TIM Institute based on three pillars: free software, production courses and partnerships with educational institutions. The project began in 2013 with the aim of developing a virtual platform to make available online courses, free and free of technology, produced especially for this purpose and, today, already has more than 12,6 thousand registered students 17 courses.

It is based on the concept MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), anyone can access the tool at http://timtec.com.br/pt/ and take the courses for free. At the same time, TIM Tec is a free software that can be used by schools, universities, collectives - each institution may have its own facility, fully autonomous, of the platform. The software can be downloaded, installed, modified and improved (since programmers involved know their language).

Today, the platform and TIM Tec content are being shared with Federal Education, Science and Technology with the support of the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (SETEC/MEC). Partner institutions know the project, install the software and, if you want, can add TIM Tec courses or your own courses to the platform. In early November, near 70 managers and public institutions of technical education and the Network-Tec Brazil and government agencies participated in training to install and use the software on the MEC headquarters, in Brasilia.

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