Students of the School Syria Mamed receive the Post toys

The event is in its 26th edition, and included four local schools.
24/12/2015 10h05 - Updated 27/12/2015 11h15
Photo: Cleomir Santos

The emotion took over the 110 students from 1st to 5th grade of elementary school of the School Syria Mamed Amed Chagas, located in the neighborhood Santa Etelvina, area north of the city, to receive their present campaign "Santa Claus Post Office". The ceremony took place on Wednesday morning (23), and was attended by teachers, parents, officials and representatives of the company.

To participate in the campaign, the school community drafted a short letter telling a story or produced a drawing with your order to make this dream. The material was delivered to pedagogical direction of the school, later, He referred to the coordination of the campaign.

"We welcome this partnership with the Post Office to encourage children, so that this dream does not despareça and not stay only in the imagination. We will consider some of these dreams here at school. It is important to partner with Semed for having chosen our school, which is in the Santa Etelvina, a community that needs, actually, these different looks so that they can give the chance to these children ", said the manager of the teaching unit, Francinaldo Oliveira.

The coordinator of the Post campaign, Carlos Augusto Gonçalves de Oliveira, He said the event is in its 26th edition, and included four local schools. For him, the most important is to see the happiness on the faces of children, something that has no value.

"The joy is theirs (students), but happiness is our. The project has a very large projection, because it encourages students to write to Santa Claus, where one of the goals is to encourage reading and writing. Syria Mamed school made this job very well done. The children wrote and many were contemplated. And you look on the faces of children and all were happy to have received your gifts ", said.

A student of the 4th year of the morning shift Larissa Cristina Rodrigues Araújo, 10, He wrote your letter, but his request was a doll to her sister, Lais Cristina Rodrigues Araújo, who is disabled.

"I think this very good opportunity to receive that gift, because she (my sister) You can not write. I'm sure she will be very happy, because much like doll ", celebrated.

Already the father of student, the work of master Edvaldo Silva Araujo, 40, it was just happiness. "I was very happy for my daughter to have had this idea, because he left the sister happy by this. We have a special child at home is difficult, but I'm sure that your joy will be immense. All this she gets, is glad, mainly, when a doll. It was an attitude of a lot of love for the other sister ", said.

About the campaign
The campaign "Santa Claus Post Office” prioritizes service letters indicating family socioeconomic status befitting the campaign. The program aims to respond to children who write to Santa Claus by sending the letter of response and meet, within what is possible, requests for Christmas presents children in socially vulnerable.

The campaign includes, city ​​children letters, in general, and specifically students of educational public schools (to the 5th grade of elementary school) and partner institutions, as creches, coats, orphanages and youth centers.

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