clothing loading without invoice is seized by Sefaz

The material would be sold in a store network in the east of Manaus.
30/12/2015 15h08 - Updated 30/12/2015 15h08
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The Department of Supervision of the State Secretariat of the Amazon Farm (Sefaz-AM) seized loading clothes without invoice that would be sold in a store network in the east of Manaus. In the container documentation, from the country's Northeast, It contained the charge was shoes, but fiscal suspected of load weight and decided to survey it fully.

"We have stepped up intelligence actions to detect fraud the most common to any other type of tax evasion situation. We have an intense work in the goods receipts in Manaus, inspection of goods in transit and commitment of our staff has given good results ", says the director of the Department of Supervision of Sefaz-AM, Dario Paim.

Just over two weeks, Department of tax seized three trucks-chest, two with 9.400 Brandy boxes, suspected of being part of the scheme that simulates sending goods to the neighboring state Roraima, but in practice they are traded illegally in Manaus, without paying taxes. Valued at nearly half a million reais (R$ 465 one thousand), loading had left the State of Pará.

In addition to the tax teams, the Department of Finance now has the logistic support and research Security Bureau. Earlier this December, the government created the Amazon intelligence group to combat tax fraud. Besides that, every load that uses the Amazon as passage is inspected and monitored to destination to avoid the simulation of shipping goods. The charge does not reach the destination stated in note and is sold in Manaus without paying the Tax on Goods and Services (ICMS) of State.

On the seizure of clothing on Tuesday, charging was collected and taken to the AM-Sefaz. in the Secretariat, it will be quantified and determined load value to the collection of taxes. To recover the load, the owner will have to pay the corresponding VAT and more fine, equivalent to 100% the tax due.

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