Mr Snake housing policies that prevent intrusions in Manaus

Collection was based on the eviction of the City Lights invasion that resulted in the death of a person.
14/12/2015 13h45 - Updated 14/12/2015 16h16

The state deputy José Ricardo (PT) charged, during the session on Monday (14), public policies to public housing and mourned the death of André de Oliveira Junior Vasconcelos (32), resident of the City of Lights invasion, that to try to prevent its removal from the site, whose eviction took place last Friday (11), Fired own body. André Junior had 80% the body burned and died still on 11, in the Emergency 28 of August.

"He leaves his wife, seven children and a lot of sadness in your community and family. Today has no alternative for the poorest, people live rent, They live with their families, but seek somewhere and can not because almost all enterprises in Manaus with pubic resources or only the private sector, They are for those who have an income from a certain amount of minimum wages ", He noted.

José Ricardo explained that real estate development for this segment of the population do not attract the interest of the private sector because there is no financial return, so the initiative should from the government. The PT also said he did not agree with occupations, as this would not be the way to solve the housing problem in the city.

"Lack housing policy. The Mayor of Manaus has no ongoing project, It has no alternative, an allotment of land. The best way for you to face the irregular occupations are you creating these alternatives have no justification for someone to invade a land ", said.

Jose Ricardo told even have visited the captain of the Special Operations Command of the Military Police, Last night Jardim, what to see, during the evacuation of the City of Lights, André Júnior fire the body, He tried to save him and eventually suffered burns 1 and 2 degrees.

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