It is better to be thin and sedentary than active obese

Study shows that regular physical activity does not decrease the risk of death.
21/12/2015 15h05 - Updated 21/12/2015 15h05
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It is known that being overweight is considered a risk factor for developing a disease series and is also related to a higher risk of death. Now, a new study, publicado no último domingo na revista científica International Journal of Epidemiology, It shows that regular physical activity by those with extra kilos does not help to reduce the risk of premature death.

The search, made by Swedish scientists, followed more than 1,3 million men, from their 18 years, for a period of 29 years. All participants had entered the military, which passed a fitness test and had their measurements recorded, as height and weight.

The team then analyzed how many men had died in this period by diseases such as cancer and heart problems. The results showed that participants who had better fitness in physical test were far less likely to die than if they were inactive. However, this benefit was not seen among obese men.

Lean and inactive were at risk 30% less to die than those who were overweight, but active. “These results suggest that being thin – BMI massa (IMC) between 18,5 e 24,99 – early in life is more important than high fitness, in decreasing risk of premature death”, disse Peter Nordstrom, professor at the University of Umea, in Sweden, and lead author of the study.

According to the authors, These results contradict the belief that obese people can offset the risk of mortality by engaging in physical activity. However, they noted that exercise also brings many benefits for obese people.


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